Confinement Training For Puppies FAQ’s By Urban Dog Training

Confinement Training For Puppies FAQ's By Urban Dog Training

The latest video from Urban Dog Training. Many people have sent questions to us via email or Facebook ( ) about confining p…
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Australian Shepherd practicing obedience training week one.

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18 thoughts on “Confinement Training For Puppies FAQ’s By Urban Dog Training

  1. Great video. How is she doing? We are picking our’s up on Boxing Day. Can’t wait to begin training her.

  2. i was just here for the cute charles king spaniel puppy lol but i ended up listen to the whole thing!

  3. My puppy is learning to toilet outside, but when I have confine her while I go out or it’s raining too hard to take her out I want her to learn to go to a pee pad inside. Would it be too confusing for her? How Can I teach her to do both things depending on the situation?

  4. Hi, I love your videos. Nice job! I wanted to ask you a question… I am planning on getting a puppy Shiba Inu… he’s gonna be 8 weeks, I want to know if I should sleep on my bed with him since he is too young or start crate trainng him? thanks for answering….
    Ps: it’s my first dog

  5. Hi tica1689, the best place for your puppy to sleep is in a crate in your bedroom, definitely not in your bed. Crate training should begin the minute you bring them home. You can have cuddles on the bed but puppy should sleep in crate overnight.

  6. Hi magickelfgirl, it can be confusing for puppies to learn to toilet indoors AND outdoors. The best way to achieve this is to provide fake grass in your absence. This way your puppy looks for something that looks and feels like the usual toileting surface. When your are around you should remove the grass though.

  7. hi, im getting my bichon frise puppy next week and i was wondering if my puppy will be ok with being left in the confinement area for 5-6 hours since i have school on weekdays. any tips?

  8. I’m sorry but i highly disagree with your tips &techniques. I have 2 older huskies and recently got another husky puppy and they absolutely love each other and the older ones act like parents and are protective of my pup. Our puppy loves to be with the family and feels safe when it is with us (you can tell with its body language) PS the pen is supposed to be a safe place for sleep time and food. Not a jail you keep 24/7. I take my puppy out when its done sleeping and play time is outside.

  9. Hi Danielle, I enjoyed this video and your straight forward advice. I had a few issues with cate training but now she seems fine. She screamed for the first nights and as a novice I ignored her as this was the advise given to em by other dog owners. Anyway she now enters her crate on her own accord, plays in there, sits and sleeps. My concern is do you think she views the crate as a positive place or do you think she might feel forced into going in. She does seem content once inside and TBC

  10. volountarily enters but I hope that she wants to go in and doesn’t feel pressured. We are very gentle with her and I get the impression she’s happy to have her own little den but I just hope this hasn’t caused her too much anxiety or discomforte. In your opinion [I know it’s hard as your not here] do you think she’s OK now? Considering she plays, sleeps goes in own own etc. Thank You very much!

  11. When i get my dog my dad will be home every school day working and my mom will be home every once in awhile. And i’ll be home over weekends and school breaks. So this should be fine. And we might get our pup toward the summer time so yeah.

  12. i have a question. i take my pup straight from the crate to the yard and he goes and it seems fine. but when do i know when he’s fully housetrained? i can’t keep him in the crate all the time i’d like him to be around the house eventually. as of now i keep a close eye on him and every day it seems when he has to go he just chooses a spot. i’ve done the ‘picking up and stopping the act’ thing for months now and it’s getting exhausting watching him 24/7. he doesn’t respond to ‘no!’

  13. and i want to know how to get him to know going inside is not ok. i live in an apartment so i can’t just have a dog door and i’ve tried training him to go to a bell on the door. the breeder told me it shouldn’t take this long so i’m kind of losing my mind

  14. A cavalier king Charles spaniel… Possibly the most affectionate, loving dog you could get… 😀

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