David the Dog Trainer Puppy Leash Lesson

David the Dog Trainer shows you how to get better manners from your dog during leashed walks.
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17 thoughts on “David the Dog Trainer Puppy Leash Lesson

  1. Great training David..i particulary like where you work on the dogs perception of people and reward him for looking at them:))

  2. Thank you for sharing a great instructional video! I particularly like that what happens is not “perfect” but you show errors which are especially instructive.
    BTW How do you add the banners (they look cool)?

  3. what if the puppy pulls? i usually stop. and then continue a sec. later. and when he walks by my side nicely (which is like once a day) i will reward w=him wit a treat an a “yesss!” but he still pulls

  4. my puppy is 5 months old he just got all his shots and he is just now getn use to goin in the backyard,but with no leash ,put theleash on he doesnt move at what do i do

  5. ok i watched the vedio im goin to try yes ,and the patting of the knee right now im letting him walk around with his harness on around the house so he can get use to it and thatnks for the vedio

  6. What do u suggest I do for a lazy 6wk pitpup? He doesn’t move with the leash and is uninterested in treats or praise :) Is he still too young?

  7. Thanks for the great video I watched it and tried it and saw 100% improvement right off the back!

  8. I’m a human and I didn’t understand half the stuff that dog was being rewarded for haha. I think I would fail leash training. hopefully my puppy can do better, right now he just sits there with the leash and we tug and he just sits or stands there. We just got him yesterday. We bought him a bunch of chew toys and his favorite one is my daughter”s Croc’s, He has yet to touch a single toy other than the stuff he’s not supposed to have.

  9. It’s a bit early for “structured” leash work. At 6 weeks, dogs are SOOOOOOO young and just figuring things up. Look up “dog development stages” online, and stay patient!

  10. Great video, thank you!!

    What kind of treats do you use and is there a limit on the amount during a certain session?

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