Deaf puppy training video

Training a deaf puppy.
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5 thoughts on “Deaf puppy training video

  1. Hi.. i have a 2 month old dalmatian, will this work.. and how soon shud one start to train

  2. Hi, yes, it will work! You can start to train right away but I might let him get older before trying the vibrating collar.

  3. your video is really helpful, i adopted a deaf border-collie mix and she is learning quickly. Your patience and technique is amazing! Please post more videos for deaf pups, you are great at it! Thanks again!

  4. This was good. I train deaf and hearing dogs exactly alike. You can keep it simple. Use food reward. Eventually they just go where you point. I will be doing a series on training deaf and hearing dogs with sign and “speech” – facial expression is informative. And you are good in showing that they have to pay attention. We train “look”, “sit”, ‘stay”, “down” ” cookie” “go out” “back up”, “no” “stop”, “settle down and sleep”. Come”, “Heel” want to play” and build on it.

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