Doberman puppy training obedience 9 weeks old

LJ KYE Kennels/, landgrafk9 , Doberman imprint with food 9 weeks old learning basic obedience puppy circles, Heeling, downs, http://ljkyed…
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Puppy Training & Care : Raising Lab Puppies

When raising Labrador puppies, make sure that the time between six and 12 weeks of age is spent getting them used to their environment and training them. Und…

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31 thoughts on “Doberman puppy training obedience 9 weeks old

  1. my brothers puppy is really destructive it chews cords and everything it messed up my new xbox 360 cause it climbed the tv and knocked it off and chewed my intrnet cord and lots of other wires please help me!!!!!!!

  2. Great video. My chocolate is having pups next week! This is a good video for new owners.

  3. my black lab never learned how to heel, she gets too excited to even listen or look at me. cute. :) still teaching her to heel…

  4. Thats a cool video, but I think my videos help people more than yours!

  5. Is he talking about field labs or show labs? Field labs are much more active, overly so. English or show are much more desirable. You don’t want to hunt with an ugly dog. /wink

  6. No reputable breeder would allow a puppy to be separated from it’s mother and littler mates before 8 weeks.

  7. Beautiful to breed standard Crop and Dock. Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann would be proud…

  8. well either way my pup is now 8 months very beautiful blue doberman smart protective healthy nothin wrong with em….i did get em at 6 wks so honestly nothin wrong here so um maybe i got lucky

  9. Louis Dobermann lived in a different era, there is no need to chop ears and tails off anymore.

  10. We crop & dock ! it is America!! Land of the free and our breed standard calls for crop & dock! I’m sorry for your laws and lack of freedom. LOUIS DOBERMANN was the designer and the breeder. This video is about imprinting a puppy with food. I’m sorry the Green party has taken control and you have a dog that no longer looks like a Doberman and your breeders have decline. DPCA MEMBER

  11. Yes Maren I certainly agree with you our puppies don’t leave until the end of week 8.

  12. Ears are not CHOPPED OFF; Educate yourself before making moronic comments
    You have a nice day now


  13. Well, just remember for your next puppy to get it from a reputable breeder. Substandard breeders don’t offer the lifetime health guarantee or “return your dog at any time for any reason to me” that reputable breeders do, not to mention that bad breeders aren’t exactly health testing the parents just to save a few bucks!

  14. the people i got em from guaranteed this pups health and said at anytime i can give em back Ect they still call and check up on him I’ve seen the parents and seen their vet a.d vet said very healthy line of family i ain’t retarded to buy somethin i don’t know…i did some research and now my pup is 11 months and 85 lbs and really a great dog he knows quite a bit for not bein up to ur standards lol honestly i don’t can about ur or anyone’s standards as long as i have a good friend and protective

  15. of my wife all that i care about….he listens great and when i say stay he stays til i say move he is a great dog

  16. Hey there, I need you as admin on facebook(dot)com/DobermanPinscherFanClub. Are you interested? Leave me a message on the group please.. Ty :)

  17. Very beutiful pup. I really think that people saying cropping the dog’s ear is cruel a bit too over acting. As long as the puppy is happy and well taken care of and is not in pain I think it is ok.
    I really want to own a doberman. They are just so beutiful and smart

  18. Thank you for liking our dogs. You can see our dogs on LJ Kye Dobermans on FACE BOOK and our WEB SITE

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