Dog Training: House training a puppy or rescue dog

Check out this article for a full length article on how to house train your dog- it contains more tips than are in this video-…
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15 thoughts on “Dog Training: House training a puppy or rescue dog

  1. I got my puppy yesterday and the training pad is near her bed and near the washroom but she always pees and poops on the carpet

  2. This kind of vid is why my partner and I relax and watch Youtube. They always make me chuckle.

    But most people are gradually over time KILLING their dogs… The junk they insert in dog food leads to cancer and tends to make family dogs die early..

    To protect your animal’s life you must look at Double Life Dog Diet (Use Google.) It’s what I have done.

  3. I wanna give up! I don’t think I can do this:( my dog continually pee in my house:(

  4. When I put my puppy outside to pee sometimes he pees and poops but mostly wants to play!

  5. Housebreaking my rescued dog has been a pain in the butt with little information out there as to how to get an adolescent dog to stop peeing inside. This was extremely useful advice, thank you!

  6. you should make a video how to no what your dog says when there mad happy or like ya if you do make a video like that.that will be good

  7. can you train your dog to go potty outside AND in one designated spot in the house?

  8. my puppy is two months old and im teaching her this. i say “go pee” when were outside at the usual spot and reward her for it. however she does sometimes go in the house. i really need that enzymatic odor remover! do they sell it at walmart?

  9. Hi! Thanks a lot for this helpful video. By the way, I hear many people keep on talking about Xobodog Training (search on google), but I’m not sure if it’s good. Have you tried this dog training program known as Xobodog Training? I’ve heard some great things about it.

  10. This young lady is very good! She was reasonable about expectations and explained in a way that made sense. She was in no way trying to sell us anything. thumbs up.

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