Dog Training: How to Deal with a Biting Puppy

Dog Training: How to Deal with a Biting Puppy

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41 thoughts on “Dog Training: How to Deal with a Biting Puppy

  1. For example, pitbulls, boerbulls and tos inu are in france severely regulated because considered 1st category of “dangerous” dogs. I know this isn’t objective but in france, their have been many dumb people who have taken pitbulls and other dogs to organize fights and now, it’s a hassle to even have a dog who looks like a pitbull. Those dogs can’t walk without a leash in public places, have to have a muzzle in public, can’t reproduce, etc. 2nd category (amstaffs, etc) is almost the same.

  2. So you see, if your dog isn’t standard, it changes nothing for him personaly obviously but it does for the canine organizations and often for it’s status in regards to some countries’ law.

  3. yes, but regardless, it isnt the “standard of the race” they have NATURALLY floppy ears, unless humans feel the need to go hey, they look stupid this way, lets give them pointed ears. seriously, in almost all countrys dog shows allow pit-bulls, staffys, dobermans and such have floppy ears. anyway your argument about how they are seen in public as dangerous in some places, the pointed ears make people perceive them as more dangerous. so again, they are best to have floppy, natural ears.

  4. cropping a dog’s ears has nothing to do with laws. there is never a need to do it. canine organizations accept un-cropped ears in breeds anyway. oh, and staffies ears are never to be cropped anyway, and it’s just ridiculous that you would suggest doing anything to alter their ears, ESPECIALLY because these puppies are mixed breeds. stop spewing about false information.

  5. Shut up! Please shut up! I never ever ever talked about cropping ears!!! I used to love these tutos but one comment about FOLDING mothafucking ears and all you ignorant people misread and try to talk knowledge about laws you don’t know regarding sh*t I never said. For the last time, for the illeterate idiots who keep on reading that I wanna cut staffies’ ears, I DONT!! Freaking go back to school and learn how to read!! Dumbasses!!!!

  6. Uh… you yourself just said it’s done “in regards to some countries’ law”, which simply isn’t true at all. It’s also still considered cropping if they are glued in place or manipulated to grow differently.
    Don’t you think it’s a little ironic that you spelled “illiterate” wrong?

  7. why on earth would someone want to use glue to change the way their dogs naturally fall…

  8. Hi emily, do you still need to load your clicker or does it get “loaded” as you work with your puppy?

  9. I’m so glad I’m getting a dog that doesn’t need to be cosmetically altered in any way. I would hate to have this argument with a breeder about tail docking and ear gluing/taping. I’m against do anything to a dog that doesn’t benefit the dog, especially for human vanity.

  10. I love how you have a way with dogs. I am trying but not doing very good yet. I had an incident today. My puppy (missy) found something in the grass and was eating it and when I tried to get it she went crazy on me, biting and trying to get away. How can I get her to give up what she has?

  11. I have an 8 week old toy poodle. She gets so excited and won’t make eye contact when I make a noise or call name (she’s learning name still). She does come with me when I tell her to come, but only when I’m moving. Training her is tough.

  12. 1. Ma’am When I Start Training With my 4 week old Puppy he not enjoying the treat and my game,and Also he not show Interest on me Show How can i make Interested my self for my new puppy.. Please Help me And this also create Problem on my training .

  13. i have a 12 week staffie he keeps bittting me him mane carer but he doesnot bite my husband can you give me any info

  14. Hi Emily! just one question, i’m starting to train my puppy (named happy) this week and he’s 8 weeks old, can you tell me what treats should i use in his training? because he’s young and i dont want to “upset” his stomach! thanks a lot.
    PS. love your vids and i’m learning a lot with you! thanks

  15. Puppy food not interested in the outdoors on training, seeking only to play, how to do?

  16. What treats do you use? I just got a new puppy and was wondering what treats I should use for training.

  17. Nope, because you work on teaching your pup that grabbing at your hand to get the food means they don’t by simply removing your hand and trying again. Dogs learn really well when given an opportunity to think without being stressed. In this case, staying calm and letting your actions (i.e. taking your hand with the treat away) will eventually do the trick. Your pup will learn that taking food gently is the only option to get the food.

  18. My puppy looks almost IDENTICAL to this puppy!! O_O It’s truly uncanny…… kind of freaking me out a bit! lol

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  21. Soooo just because the puppy is a mutt means he’ll be deformed looking as an adult? Give me a break man, I’ve never had a pure breed but I have been around several and they are much more trouble to take care of than mutts. Infact I have a BMC puppy about 15 weeks old who knows several tricks already.

  22. HAHAHA, Stop the puppy or give it a chew toy? So basically common sense, I’m sorry but this Howcast is retarded.

  23. This still surprises me, just how lot of people are not aware about Xobodog Training (just google it), despite the fact that a lot of people solve their dog behavior problems with this training program. Thanks to my friend who told me about Xobodog Training, I’ve have a better relationship with my beloved pet.

  24. So what do you do if you redirect his attention to the toy and he plays with it for 2 seconds and then comes back to your clothing continuously? also if its a puppy that chews everything, they’d chew the leash, wouldn’t they?

  25. Guys, completely stop your nail biting habit does not have to be difficult (I used to think it did). I’ll give you some advice right now. Look for method called Nailbitorex Secrets (just google it). Seriously, I finally eliminated my nail biting problem for good by using Nailbitorex Secrets.

  26. That’s amazing! Really? How much more brown is it? Tell me more.

  27. thanks for stating all the obvious things to do when the pup is bitting but if he still goes for your arms regardless

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