Free Hunting Dog Training Videos – Clicker Training with your new Puppy

Free Hunting Dog Training Videos - Clicker Training with your new Puppy

In this video we show the proper way to use a clicker to start training your brand new puppy important commands like “here”.
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14 thoughts on “Free Hunting Dog Training Videos – Clicker Training with your new Puppy

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  2. Very good! I like that you are using clicker training and like the way you
    explained how to add a cue and when to add it. That is correct. I am a
    professional certified clicker trainer – Karen Pryor Academy Certified
    Training Partner – so am tuned into these things. Keep up the good work!

  3. Very good stuff, good seeing hunting trainers using the clicker to
    initialize training. Puppies learn quick and grow to love training.

  4. Chad probably used puppy kibble. Any treat that is small enough for the
    puppy to eat quickly works well. If the treat is too big it will take them
    awhile to chew it and turn their focus back to you.

  5. That’s it! This is the video that I’m looking for..There’s a lot of ideas
    about training a dog. Thank you so much for exerting effort to do this
    video.. Such a big help..

  6. how long will you continue to use the clicker? will you eventually phase it
    out and replace it with a whistle or just the voice command? do you use the
    clicker for all your training? basically using it to say good?

  7. We use the clicker throughout all of our training. I think it would be more
    accurate to say we incorporate other methods of reinforcement, like a
    whistle or voice command. The clicker “marks” the desired behavior so the
    dog starts to understand what is being “asked” of them. The more ways a dog
    learns to do something, the more consistent the behavior will become.

  8. Great demonstration on clicker training. I’m curious though why you do not
    call the puppy’s name instead of whistling? Or at least call his name,
    whistle then the command Hear…

  9. I love your videos! I am getting a Brittany puppy and learning the
    information before the puppy arrives is absolutely wonderful. I can start
    my Brittany off on the right paw. Keep them coming :o)

  10. Yes !, for an online dog training program that really works, go to Such a great website and videos !!

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