Happy the Japanese Spitz Puppy – Training

Happy the Japanese Spitz Puppy - Training

She has just learnt “leave” but has forgotten “sit” :(
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23 thoughts on “Happy the Japanese Spitz Puppy – Training

  1. in the first few months they’re teething and feel like biting something. do u provide them with toys to bite?? does he still like continue biting everything to this date?

  2. heyyy he doesn’t bite anymore! :) we bought him some toys to chew though and it kept him distracted but eventually he grew out of it! thanks anyway!

  3. how long can they be left alone at home with toys? do they wreck your home if left unattended? do they bark all the time? what’s the minimum indoor area space required for an adult JS with daily walk/exercise?

  4. Hi Hi! how do you train you Japanese Spitz? Whenever I tried training it, it would always wants to eat the treats and run around very fast

  5. I have one who is almost 9. She sheds massively. Make sure he/she is gets a sort clip often especially in summer. You keep the hair short or you will have hair in your bed carpet purse air vents etc. No kidding. They are beautiful, sweet and well tempered which is otherwise a pulse

  6. I have a Japanese Spitz puppy who’s just ten weeks old and he’s obsessed with food. He’ll do anything for a treat! :oD

  7. I have a puppy who is a mix of japanese spitz and eats WAYYYY too much. She’s only like a few months old and i cant lift her up anymore!

  8. quite the opposite, I’ve heard their pelt almost doesn’t stick to dirt or water, if there’s any dirt you should be able remove it with your hand by brushing

  9. happy is nice dog i hv one japanese spitz
    give me some trick for teach my dog please (:

  10. Does your Japanese Spitz hate water. When my dog has a shower he shivers but not because he is cold,he is only frightened. That is my theory anyway.

  11. Aww happy’s an adorable jap spitz, mine’s named BUBBLE and his the alpha male in the pack of jap spitz. Really a very tough personality but he has a softer side of him that is really cute. He looks sleeping in people’s lap and licking their cheeks even to strangers hahaha

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