HouseBreaking Crate Training A Puppy A Video On Crate Training Your Dog or Puppy. You can see more dog crate training videos on
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43 thoughts on “HouseBreaking Crate Training A Puppy

  1. Hi Emily, thanks for yout time, afraid I deleted them now and started again.
    hope you are enjoying Sweden

  2. Hey Emily!
    I just got a 7 week old puppy 3 days ago and started teaching her with your method. As my husband sais, it is scary! It works amaizingly. Today she pissed only outside. Yesterday already only in the night she pissed inside. She comes when I call, sits for a finger sign or word, and good in the attention game. Fetching things and leave it also improving. And all this with a few times a day, few minutes training.
    Thank you for your great videos. They are priceless!
    Greets from Hungary

  3. What do you use for your clicker? Your videos are great! I plan on using your techniques for a stray that found me. :)

  4. hi kiko i have a 7 weeks staffy too, but she never pay attention she always pee on the floor and she bites me roughly, i dont have this clicker any ideas ??

  5. i came for the puppy… my jack russel already has very good behavior.

  6. i was already surprised at how long u got the puppy to stay there for more than a second, lolol

  7. i have rescued a 3 month old puppy and have collected just a MASSIVE amount of ebooks by cesar milan and all these other highly recommended writers just to find that with this puppy, i don’t have time to read them. i think i will abandon all of it and just use clicker training and only watch your videos. you seem to really have it going on. first things first, he HAS to learn his name. Banjo (red heeler) is driving my crazy!1!!!1!!!!

  8. I tell everyone who asks me about training their new puppy to watch your videos as they just were so helpful to me, you are such a fantastic dog trainer.

  9. What do you do if your puppy (7 weeks old Golden retriever) doesn’t even offer eye contact. You make the noise but the puppy just walks around and sniffs things- not offering any attention what soever. Even tried clapping, clicking sound with mouth, whistling etc etc. What can I do?

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  12. fuckin hell mommachilders u need to take a chill pill n wind ur neck in y dont u tell these ppl to there face thay shouldnt have a dog insted of thinkin ur hard behind ur com tellin the world wat u think cos if u didnt want to watch this clip then dont fuckin watch it n if u dont like wat ppl say after dont fuckin read it u nonse and to b fair no1 givs a shit wat u say or think so do 1 u fuckin pansy

  13. Training a full grown dog from the shelter?? She hates her cage??? Help!!

  14. You don’t need multiple crates you by one crate with a divider.
    This video was useless.

  15. Really? If the dog can see you, it agitates it more? Because everyone knows dogs can’t smell!

    They can’t smell body language, but they can see you ignoring their bad behavior if they’re whining. Also, in social situations, they can feel more involved instead of getting all agitated because they’re lonely and can’t see what’s going on. I understand why the plastic crate would feel more den like, but for overall behavior training (not just comfort), I don’t believe that, sorry.

  16. Because letting your super curious puppy potentially get into poisonous or electrocuting situations isn’t cruelty or neglect? Not everyone is able to spend the entire day watching their puppy. No, not ALL puppies get into bad situations, but lots of them do when owners are gone to work 8-10 hours a day :(

  17. im in school from 8:00 to 3:15 should i get a cage or a play pen ? i have a medium sized dog

  18. Buy a Larger Cage and place a Box in the cage to restrict the size, That way once your puppy grows you can remove the box and not have to purchace another cage.

  19. Really don’t agree with crating dogs under any circumstances other than to train them in preparation for airplane or car travel. If you train your dog with dedication, consistance and patience, they will not wreck your house and will be more responsive to you in general; they will learn and uphold your standards. If you cannot give enough time to train your dog to such a standard, then crating is just a conveniant and selfish excuse to keep a clean house at the expense of the animal’s happiness.

  20. Responsible owners will get a puppy during a holiday so as to spend a good month training the dog what is acceptable and what is not, and will prepare a room for the puppy when owners are out that is safe from hazards. Irresponsible owners decide that the puppy will ‘learn’ to behave courtesy of being locked in a small cage, for hours on end, while the owner is at work, asleep or out of the house for whatever reason, leading to a physically-weak, destructive or fearful animal.

  21. A blanket over a chair provides the den aspect just as well as a cage. Many dogs develop destructive or fearful behaviour via cage-training due to associating the experience as punishment. Especially when owners find it temptating to confine the dog rather than deal first-hand with bad behaviour. Dogs also need to move around to tone their muscles and exercise their bodies, and many owners cage their dogs for hours on end; both a mental and physical disadvantage to the animal.

  22. That’s great and all, but I don’t know anyone who gets an entire month off of work during the holidays. I’m lucky to get one day, not to mention the fact that puppies don’t grow up and learn everything in just a month. Obviously you’re going to want to puppy proof the house to aid in training. Everyone I know who crate trains has well balance dogs, both mentally and physically. Crate training does not make weak dogs. Not exercising them does. Point: Crate responsibly. It’s not for everyone.

  23. Surely a dog needs space to exercise, and locking them in a cage for most of the day constitutes as not exercising them?! My point is, crates shouldn’t be used at all for this purpose, dogs like crates as a den of choice, but too many owners use them as a prison on a daily basis. A dog needs space, all the time, so don’t get a dog if you don’t have a room available for it and think somehow a cage will suffice instead.

  24. A dog isn’t getting enough exercise when left home alone, free range, either, as they sleep most of the day.  They need separate exercise whether they’re crated or not. If you’re home, the dog should be out, and it’s not for their whole life, just the major learning stages. It is MUCH easier to house train with a crate. The dog won’t think of it as a prison if you make it a positive experience. There is a right and wrong way to do it.

  25. (cont.) If you don’t know the facts then it CAN become a very abusive situation. I’m just I’m just trying to point out that it isn’t always a bad thing like extremists want you to think. There are two sides to every situation and not everyone’s opinion is the “right” one. I’m all for free range puppies if that’s what works for you, but it doesn’t work with everyone or every puppy as they are all different.

  26. I don’t mean leave your dog in its room all day. Only when you are away, as opposed to keeping it in a crate 7-8 hours of the day; pacing a room is more exercise than crouching in a cage. Of course you take your dog out for a run on top of that too. The main impression I get of crates is that they make life easier for the human and harder for the dog. I will agree with you on the positive-association…but what percent of owners do you think do things the right way compared to the wrong?

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