How To Potty Train a Puppy – How to House Train Your Dog – More great tips for raising a happy and healthy puppy! How To Potty Train a Puppy – How to House Train Your Dog Knowing how to potty t…
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Very Smart Black Labrador Puppy- Training Session

Midnight, 11 week old black labrador, during a training session. She’s so smart!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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35 thoughts on “How To Potty Train a Puppy – How to House Train Your Dog

  1. So cut and smart ! Where did you get that dog my family wants one our springer is going to be out down and we ate looking a Labrador black of we can!!!!!what is HER name? She is so cute I want her now !!!!

  2. I don’t believe in treats! I believe in E Collars! I had a 3month old lab on a E collar till now and he listens no matter what cause you knows his consequence if he doesn’t listen. He does pretty good without it too! So forget the treats and go with the e collar!

  3. you trained your dog by not training it. wow man you’re so deep i can’t see you anymore. other than that i suggest you go read some books or just skim trough the part where it explains the difference between a dog and a human

  4. Very cute… please check out the puppies on my channel too! =D

  5. My mother says this dog is more behaved than I am but you know lol haha

  6. The first thing you need to do when training a dog is to let it know that YOU are the alpha dog in the pack. Establish dominance and everything will be ok.

  7. This is a DOG video. Jesus would surely NOT be trolling dog videos. Maybe you are of the, uh, other guy.

  8. Reminds me of my daughter Samantha, she wants yet another Labrador puppy, we’ve had our Lady for 3 years, but now Lady’s all grown up and “no fun anymore.”
    Guess I have to figure out a way to get rid of Lady, dump her in the woods with a loose fitting collar, or take her to the beach and “forget” to bring her home, I dunno, maybe take her to the city pound, then we can go get a new Labrador puppy.
    Samantha will be so happy, she basically hates adult Labradors, but absolutely adores Lab puppies!!

  9. Omg that’s so cute I have a black lab and she does those tricks too

  10. How nice of you “hardlineathiest”-let’s take you to the beach and forget or the woods and leave your ass. You’re raising your child with such good morals! Take her with you when you dump the dog so she can witness the best of your parenting.

  11. if you’re too busy working to walk your dog (puppy) or as she says to monitor it dont gett a dog . Simple as that .

  12. Walk it more often ? and lettin it outside in the garden doesent count as walking it

  13. How might a dog be potty trained? A dog trained to urinate and defecate in a pot would be so astounding as to be the subject of a carnival side-show. Don’t give him away! There’s money to be made from such an amazing pooch.

  14. Hmm. So I’ve been able to get him to cross the threshold outside using “Outside Jack” (Jack being my pup’s name). He won’t go down the deck stairs (Only 2, but the first one is slightly steeper than common steps, but he will go up those deck stairs just fine), so I bring him down the stairs and over to his bathroom spot. Tell him to “Go Potty”. Sometimes he will go and I treat him, sometimes he doesn’t and goes inside (always in the dining room though [guess that’s lucky? haha]). Any advice?

  15. i think its like under 1 year. cuz i was thinking the same thing too cuz if the dog is like 3 years old then he can hold the pee for more than a day which is not even possible for human lol

  16. i have a month old black lab- basset hound and she is not potty trained. She had an accident last night and my parents want to keep her outside a chain. Any ideas to get her potty fast so she can stay inside and get the love she needs

  17. my puppy is 16 weeks and we have been training him but he is not getting the difference of outside and inside :/

  18. I have had my puppy about a week or so now I put him outside to go to the toilet but yet he comes back in and either goes on the floor or newspapers.

  19. Good video. a good source I use to learn about how to train and puppy training in general is (thepuppytraininghq dot com)

  20. Lol my puppie is 8 weeks and has gone shit in the house once and piss twice. Had him for 4 days now. German Shepherds for you though ^.^

  21. this will most likely work i’ll stay consistent….thank you

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