how to teach a german shepherd puppy to sit

hes 8 weeks now his ear are up now :))) i know i say good boy a lot lol his name is rex leave ur feedback Please.

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20 thoughts on “how to teach a german shepherd puppy to sit

  1. How do you get their attention in the first place? my 10 week old puppy doesnt pay any mind when i call his name (jake) i have to pull him closer to me with his leash for him to get my attention – can you tell me how please ? :)

  2. i have a question about GSD ears .. do they’re ears not go up if someone touches them and plays with they’re ears?? answer me pls

  3. just got mine last week hes 8 weeks. i names him spartacus. super smart, and easy to potty train

  4. 2:07 Dog: ”Wtf is he doing?” Lol
    Btw excellent work man..That is what i do to my puppy too..Really smart dogs

  5. This is a good way but there is a better way go to the channel eHowPets and a woman teaches a puppy many tricks.. They really work i did it with my pup and it worked

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