How to Train a Boxer Puppy : Prevent Your Boxer from Jumping on People & Furniture

Learn basic information, tips and techniques that will help you teach your boxer puppy to stop jumping on people in this free video. Expert: Melanie McLeroy …
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Learn important puppy training tips that are easy to apply. You can also get “101 Ways To Improve Your Dog’s Behavior” at ht…

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25 thoughts on “How to Train a Boxer Puppy : Prevent Your Boxer from Jumping on People & Furniture

  1. gooooooooooooooooood u sound funny and mine is bigger if id do tat to mine
    id kill me.teach me how to not let it kill me

  2. i grew up raising boxers. its always best to train them when they’re 1
    month old. they’re less stubbern and you have to talk to them in a loud
    voice to get they’re attention cuz they get sidtracked right away i tought
    my boxer puppy that i have right now to sit, stay, shake and guard and not
    to jump.. when she was 1 month… took her at least 5 days to learn it

  3. I have a boxer dog and she is almost 3 yrs old and she is always in the
    learning mood but I still can’t get her to listen to me when I take her out
    for a walk. She is constantly pulling the chain, any tips?

  4. they are very strong, forward motion dogs, they use alot of their paws and
    frontal body weight against the target, hence they always jump up and slap
    you with a paw.

  5. my boxer is awesome i would never teach her to not jump its natural to the
    breed there affectionate i taught her to jump on cue by saying “big hugs”
    and i only treat my dog when i tell her to do something and she does it if
    she sits on her own and you treat her shes gonna expect a treat for what
    she should be doing

  6. I need help with my boxer every time it see a a flock of birds it chases
    them away and gets out control not just birds just about anything airborne.

  7. my 12 week old boxer is rediculous. she almost does back flips when im
    about to feed her. its hilarious.

  8. there is an easier way, when they jump, hold their collar and pull it (
    slowly & gently) down, do not give it a treat THEN, or else the pup will
    think, ” jump, owner push u sit and TREAT” Keep doing the same thing,
    pulling the collar until the dog stops. I trained 17 dogs like this and
    they learned this on that day they were trained.

  9. my boxers 2 years old an dwen i came home i jumped on me i tryed to push it
    away and it made me all on teh floor…

  10. seriously.. like when she gav her dog the “thing she wanted” it looked like
    the dog didn’t know how to have fun

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