How to Train Puppies : Train Your Puppy to Come

Training your new puppy to come when called is discussed in this free video. Expert: Melanie McLeroy Contact: Bio: Melanie McLeroy …
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16 thoughts on “How to Train Puppies : Train Your Puppy to Come

  1. I love your dog! I have a yorkie boy but doesnt listen to anything. :(. But i love my 6 month year old yorkie boy. :)

  2. Good video. a good source I use to learn about how to train and puppy training in general is (thepuppytraininghq dot com)

  3. My little puppy wont come at all i try treats sounds toys nothing whats wrong with him?

  4. Listen to my story., Whenever i had friends over my dog just would not stop barking the whole time people were in my house!! Reaching the end of my teather i looked online and found – their online traning program really helped my situation, and now i can have a drink with my friends in peace!!. Helped me in so many ways

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