Lab Puppy Training for Hunt Tests

This is my 4 month old lab puppy Hank..

When training a puppy not to bite, some of the most important factors are body language and tone of voice. Learn about using a light bop on the chin or a muz…

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28 thoughts on “Lab Puppy Training for Hunt Tests

  1. There are many other ways of training your dog or puppy not to bite that does not include “bopping” them, gabbing their muzzle or yanking on the leash. I actually think that your advice is pretty cruel.

  2. I was told to make a loud noise, like a squeal, as if I were hurt, and startle my pup, then say NO. My dog was smart and it didn’t take too long for him to learn, puppies nibble and have sharp teeth, it shouldnt;’ be tolerated from the start, but I believe in positive training and dont’ think I could ever “bop” a small tyke. Lots and lots of praise when he does not bite when you tell him to stop!!

  3. I have a puppy with a very wolf like temper, i found the muzzle grab works but should only be used if the puppy is showing Aggression to a high level, and drawing your hands away and withholding attention or yelping do NOT work.
    I have only had the use the muzzle grab once, and made sure to praise the puppy after when he showed the correct behavior. but it did the trick and i now have a calm loving puppy that can play without aggression.

    Bottom line is, this is a list ditch thing.

  4. and if he doesn’t love you anymore that means you have to let him go?
    play with him tickle something that he likes…not just say…hey my dog hates me…someone fix it so i can watch tv meanwhile…you have to regain his trust not somebody else

  5. hey dude… i have a good tip for you….. get a gun if the puppy bites you… shoot him !!!!! hes gonna be calm and submisive !

  6. You’re kidding right? A bop on the chin, grabbing their muzzle, and all the other crap that you spew are great ways to turn biting into a fun game. Especially since these are things that people do when they rough house with their dogs and their dogs play right back. Get a new career, you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about.

  7. Being afraid and being obedient are two completely different things, my friend.

  8. What i do with my puppy when he bites me is I say NO, assertively & strongly and make sure we make eye contact & then i redirection him to a toy he likes

  9. ya all you really want to do is turn your back to your dog don’t hurt him that’s just mean!!

  10. never hit your dog man thats the worst advice….. you use tones and repetition! never physical force that won’t teach the dog… just teach the dog not to trust you…..
    I personally throw on my “alpha voice” and repeat NO…worst ill do if my hands already in my dogs mouth ill put my thumb under his tongue to make the experience uncomfortable but still say no in a dominant manner.

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  12. I’ve turned my back on the 4 mo old pit pup when jumping and biting – used all the “positive” sugg,long walks. Forget it,try to walk away – he lunges at my back side tears my shirt, bites my pant legs, etc. He’s getting heavy now, but I can only swoop him up or drag him on leash right to his crate for time out. Smart,so food motivated learns commands quickly but may require at times like this, a little bop under the jaw to snap the devil out. I have not tried that yet, but very tempted. HELP

  13. You don’t want to hurt the dog, if you do it will ruin your relationship with your dog

  14. i’ve never seen the mother grab the muzzle of the puppy until it submits, sounds odd.

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  17. Your doing a great job with him, he will be doing multiple retrieves soon. You keep him so calm, and he listens real well.
    Try using a check cord. Just take a three or four foot section of cord and put it around his chest as he sits, and hold both ends. Then without grabbing his collar throw the bumper. If he breaks, the check cord will keep him in place. Praise him when he holds. Then just drop one end of the cord, they usually don’t notice it, then cast him using his name like your doing.

  18. im teaching mine as well. How do u get Hank to wait till u call his name to go get the bumper?

  19. I started just holding him and when i would let him go i would say his name, it didnt take long until he associated his name with the release to go retrieve.

  20. Hey man I know this is an old video but was wondering if there was a certain book or movie you used to train him or know one to get me started. Thanks, I appreciate it.

  21. hi…i have a 3 month old lab puppy and am wondering how can i teach him to retrieve?could you teach me and give some techniques or advice?thanks in advance :)

  22. same with landsoure my puppy Holly shes a lab but when i call her name and clap she come but i taught her to drop and only when i give her food she drops it

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