Loose-Leash Walking Inside | Teacher’s Pet With Victoria Stilwell

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23 thoughts on “Loose-Leash Walking Inside | Teacher’s Pet With Victoria Stilwell

  1. thanks for the vid my dog is a pit bull ( very gentle) and if i look like i don’t have control over my dog people freak out also any tips to keep them from jumping or how to rain them not to?

    if i get any comments on why pit bulls are horible i will report u and have your accout shut down!

  2. That’s what I’m saying! I can’t stand how hot she is.

  3. My dog acts MUCH better on a leash than this.

    Its my first dog and it only took me one or two sessions to have a BETTER dog on a leash than this.

    This whole thing about constant rewards for what the dog should be doing anyways is nothing but junk and makes things more difficult for dog owners and probably contributes to thousands of dogs being put down by frustrated owners.

  4. Hi! Thanks for this useful video. By the way, I notice many people keep on talking about Xobodog Training (google it), but I’m not sure if it’s good. Have you tried this dog training program known as Xobodog Training? I’ve heard some incredible things about it.

  5. What if your dog doesn’t move forward, but resists? Treats don’t get her moving either.

  6. A dog doesnt know what its supposed to do until u train it. Positive reinforcement is a better teaching method and been proved more effective. Just like if you want your child to do something should be because they want to not because theor scared of u.

  7. When I try to walk my dog indoors, he begins to try to bite my ankles and when I stop, he thinks I’m playing and tries to bite my ankles even more. He stops after awhile but it’s quite difficult and sometimes he just doesn’t want to walk.

  8. Some good breeders will start training (even clicker training!) at a young age. Learning starts (to be functional for people) at 1-2 weeks – even before they open their eyes!. Clickers can be scary, but if paired with super yummy food (cheese works well) a good breeder can start then too. I’ve seen a littler of 5 week old puppies all go from jumping on the xpen to sitting en-mass waiting for their bonus food rations (other than mom’s)

  9. I stopped listening to what she says when I learned she HAD A DOG PUT TO SLEEP that she failed to train.

  10. My sammy has grown up so big already. He’s 8 months old and weighs 24 kg. :) He’s an amazing friend, really calm dog. Clicker training has worked up real nice and he learned things so fast. We still keep learning new things together and we’re growing a bond that I hope nothing will break. I’m so proud of my boy. <3

  11. I’ve been training with my boy with clicker since I got him, and he’s learned so fast. :) My sammy is 8 months old now and oh boy, time has flown by sooo fast.

  12. thank you so so sooo much for these series! These tips are realistic, love how victoria trains with a puppy that is energetic and pulling! (most off the vids I’ve seen are with dogs that are very calm, a good video for my very very active dog ^^

  13. I have a 10 week old girl and the minute I put the leach on her and even try anything she bites at it and does horse style bronco jumping around and get stressed out? Help please.

  14. With a dog like this you need to know when he is even going to think about biting your ankles. As soon as he even thinks about it firmly say “no!” to him. When he calms down reward him and give him lots of praise.

  15. Unless you know the reasons why she chose to put the dog down you cant discredit her. The dog could have had serious psychological problems for all we know. He could have been ill or anything.

  16. If you have any trouble training your 8 week old bluetick, you can always do what Victoria Stillwell does, put them to sleep.

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  18. Very well done vicroria stilwell you are really helping me with my dog

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