Malinois Puppy Training Lesson Eleven

Stay under distraction.

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5 thoughts on “Malinois Puppy Training Lesson Eleven

  1. I control a certain percentage of their daily rations and use that percentage as treats. I also usually have some “high value” meat treats to reward exceptional effort.

  2. Great videos… I have been torn between getting a Malinois or a Dutch Shepherd as sport dog Schutzhund, AKC/UKC obedience and agility. What was the reasoning for crossing the two and how would you compare the three (temparment, work ability, trainability, etc.)?

  3. Well, I personally like the Dutch Bred Mals the best. My favorite dogs have been from KNPV lines. Concerning what one should look for in a personal dog, the real issue is finding a bloodline that suits your personality, living conditions and expectations. I have these puppies, because one of my business partners has been in Iraq and Afghanistan for the better part of the last few years and I kind of took over keeping his lines going in a particular direction. These particular dogs are very…

  4. sensitive and easy to train, but still have enough drive to be strong dual purpose dogs. They are not what people would refer to as “hard” dogs, and they do well with a variety of living conditions and training approaches.

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