Malinois Puppy Training Twelve part 1

What about “clicker training”?

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10 thoughts on “Malinois Puppy Training Twelve part 1

  1. For the most part, I think one will find that a clicker or a tone provides the most benefit when looking for precision. For most people, it’s very hard, if not impossible to use words that don’t have extra information tied up in the delivery. For example, let’s say you are working on heel and it’s not going so well; your frustration will be conveyed when trying to use the marker words. Conversely, you may be having a stellar training session and your enthusiasm can actually cause your dog….

  2. to become over stimulated and lose precision. Think about the wide range of applications that one uses “good” for when training. Vocal inflection for something simple like “good boy”, ranges all the way from sharp and high pitched to long and drawn out, depending on the emotional state one would like to encourage during that specific training exercise.

  3. I only use vocal markers and body cues when working with my own dogs; the level of precision that I require out of my personal dogs is not particularly precise. I present my dogs with pretty much the same situations everyday and as long as they manage to get through those situations in a timely manner, I am pretty much indifferent to the exactness of their approach. For example, I don’t really care how they load into the truck, jump the creek, greet clients etc…

  4. However, my apprentice enjoys training her dogs for dog sports, so her expectations for her dogs is much different and requires a much greater degree of exactness. Precision is what wins when competing, so that is what she works towards. The clicker and tone are indispensable, in my opinion, for efficient sports training.

  5. Thanks Stonnie. Very good points and makes a lot of sense. The problem I have always had with a clicker is it is something else to have in your hand and you never seem to have it when you needed. I liked using my voice becuase it is always with me. I had never thought, for some reason, about making a click sound with my voice instead of a mechanical cliker.

  6. Well, I just watched your video, so however you are doing it, it is obviously working well! You are absolutely right about the drawbacks of the clicker, and I very rarely use one myself, but for some things they work like a charm. I think the key to being a good trainer is to have an open mind and always try to understand the merits of alternative techniques and strategies. I think of techniques as tools, and I try to make my tool collection as large as possible.

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