Maximus Tobani – Puppy Protection Training – Age: 4 1/2 – 5 1/2 months

Maximus Tobani - Puppy Protection Training - Age: 4 1/2 - 5 1/2 months

Maximus Tobani – ( Bomber v. Worlfsheim x Kirby Hartis Bohemia ). Puppy protection training at age 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 months.
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23 thoughts on “Maximus Tobani – Puppy Protection Training – Age: 4 1/2 – 5 1/2 months

  1. Loved all the information,and thanks for sharing it with us. I am on my way
    to see you live now :)

  2. I got a new beagle puppy a few weeks ago and he will not stay in his crate.
    I guess it’s cause of anxiety. Because he literally pees himself inside the
    crate.. and all over the house.. I dont know what to do. Because he hasn’t
    had his final shots so I can’t walk him for long distances :( Help? I’m
    really bummed out I can’t train him. I feel like a bad owner..

  3. Very helpful thanks! Wish I had done this when I got my dog from the pound.
    When I first got him he was very possessive over the bed. His previous
    owners did not do well with him at all. I had to train him to go into his
    dog bed lol.

  4. I only clicked this because I thought it said “How to create a train” but
    this video isn’t half bad,so I think I’ll stick around…even though I
    don’t have a dog. However,I have do have multiple stray cats,but they run
    away when I get near them.

  5. i know you said don’t leave your puppy in the crate for more then two hours
    but what about bed time

  6. How long do I have to crate train? I just got my puppy for days ago she is
    only 9 weeks old.. Ido I crate for a year or more or less? Thanks

  7. My mums at work for 7 hours and Se can’t come home to let out within the 7
    hours so I’m scared to get a puppy

  8. My puppy isn’t treat/food motivated at all! The squeaky toy worked for
    awhile, but now she’s on to me and just won’t get into the crate on her
    own. Will she maybe grow to like food more as she gets older?

  9. Should leave my puppy in his crate for 2-3 hours during a 24 hour period or
    2-3 hours just at bedtime

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