Pit Bull Puppy Training MUST SEE!!

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27 thoughts on “Pit Bull Puppy Training MUST SEE!!

  1. I was wondering if you had a video or tips on puppy training in regards to growling. I just got my 8 week old Boston Terrier yesterday and I’ve been wanting to use the clicker training method but everything I can find on puppy growling and what to do uses intimidation or negative methods.

  2. Is it to late to work with clicker training if my pup is a year and 1 month? She isn’t horrible but could use some work on things like not barking, staying, coming, and a few other things, I’ve been watching all of your videos hoping that it isn’t too late for Sadie :/

  3. Growling is a dominance vocalization. Unless your puppy is frightened,
    or feels threatened, you’ll see this behavior in situations where it has
    previously been allowed to be dominant. You have to establish yourself
    as “pack leader”. The most important way of doing that is teaching it how
    to walk beside you on a loose leash.

  4. you are an amazing trainer and your dogs are so well behaved! Im getting a Boston Terrier puppy Sunday and I will start training him immediatley (good behaviors) But I have a small request. Is there anyway you could make a tutorial on how to teach your dog to “skip”? I loved the one video where I saw you and your dog skipping together! I would love to teach my puppy that one day.

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  6. What have you tried so far?
    If nothing, get a clicker or decide on a word and charge the clicker or the word with the best treat (in very small pieces) that your dog knows. As soon as you get a reaction telling you that the dog makes the connection, do something simple, as working on eye contact. Do this for a couple of minutes and then finish the training by showing the dog that you’re out of treats and some petting.
    I’m willing to bet on your dog wanting to train more the next day. :)

  7. I just got a 2 month puppy :) when do u think i could start training her? Which tricks should i start with?

  8. I just got a 2 month old german sheperd and i tried training her but she wasnt interested in the treat. this really helped thanks

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  10. i know this question has nothing to do with this video but how can i potty train my puppy if i have school and i cant hire a dog walker is the best thing to do waiting longer until summer or is the re another way please help and make a video on what i should do thanks. bye the way the puppy is going to be a border terrier

  11. Hi I’m getting a 10 week old border collie soon and was wondering if someone can tell me the best way to train him and how to start with off leash training

  12. Your channel is my 7 month old baby boys favorite program! :) Think that his going to be a dogtrainer when growing up 😀

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  14. Hello,
    Im getting my first dog this Sunday. She is a rescue dog and she is 10 weeks old. I love the idea of clicker training and your videos are amazing. I just feel lost and not sure where to start.Any suggestions on what order to use your videos in.
    Any help would be great

  15. My g/f and I also run hectic lives, best option would be crate train your puppy. We have a 5 1/2 month old black mouth cur puppy and she hasn’t gone in her crate but once or twice…the whole 1 hr per month holding isn’t true however I think that is a guideline but potty training is easy, plus crates have multiple uses not just potty training :)

  16. it really depends on him to be honest a lot of positive reinforcement and clicker training really, to top it off BCs are among the smartest dogs in the world so enough time and energy should make it fast.

  17. Simple tricks would include shake, roll, spin, play dead and basic commands such as sit, down, come, etc etc… easiest way to train a dog is by figuring out what they prefer and use that along with clicker training…you can search youtube for training tips on these

  18. Can you please make a video about bringing home puppy and what to train first second and third. Do I train no mugging or teach what the clicker is or calm behavior thanks

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  20. i wish i knew this 4 years ago XD but since im getting my new pup on monday this will be worth knowing :)

  21. I just got a 3 mo pit. she’s beautiful, but I can tell I’m going to have some trouble with her chewing and ignoring me. how did you get your dog to drop that toy!?

  22. when giving a toy to ur dog……make a eye contact for atleast 5 seconds……dnt give him/her the toy till he/she makes an eye contact wid u for 5 seconds……this will create more fear in ur pet…..and they will know tht you own the toy

  23. How did you get him to let go of the toy? I have a 13 1/2 week old pit/golden retriever mix and he will nip, take things tht are not his and run away and not give them back and jump on people he knows sit and paw but he will not stay or give things back

  24. Please tell me how you got yours to bark I have a 3/4 moth old won’t bark tho

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