Pitbull lab 8 weeks old puppy training

His name is Jack. we got him at 6 weeks. he is now 8 weeks. hes our first pet. rate the video. leave comments. ask questions. thanks. have a nice day. the au…
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10 thoughts on “Pitbull lab 8 weeks old puppy training

  1. My boyfriends family has a pit lab mix that looked just like this as a puppy! He’s 3 now, and so playful and affectionate.

  2. My greeting
    I see your video and really admire your work with it , i have a 7 week bit bull and no mines at all. and i would like to know how do you learn it? because it’s my first time to have one. and i would like to ask what do give to him after he obey every command.

  3. no way i have like the same dog, color and everything, except shes about 16 weeks now

  4. sorry for the late reply! i never check my channel… to answer your question… i just give him puppy treats… he likes these beef bites… find what your puppy likes! to train a puppy is quite simple… all you need is patience! for example: catch the dog going into a “sit” and just say “sit” and give him/her a treat…. you must catch them in the act and with a clear voice say that command and they will eventually catch on. for roller over… i just guided the treats and repeated the word.

  5. I got my pup at 8wks and they just pick up fast very smart dogs .mine is mixed pit lab or rott not sure they said rott.

  6. Impressive boy. What does he look like now? I bet his training has come along nicely.

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