Play Retrieve, Puppy Training Training tips on teaching pups to retrieve. Here, Kate a lab puppy, is learning to retrieve with Pat Nolan of

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6 thoughts on “Play Retrieve, Puppy Training

  1. Hi Josh7pw,

    Yes, I use treats at first to get them to return in the field and I run them with a check cord too.
    When they learn that you will throw another for them when the get back and that you will not take the bumper from them as soon as they return they will return for another mark,

  2. What do you suggest I should do when my dog goes after the toy, gets it and then lies down, with no intrest in returning to me. Should I just keep inticing him with other toys to make him come to me, without returning the previous toy?
    If you have any ideas please reply becuase I really need some help.

  3. In separate session teach your pup to come to you when called. Read the Dixie Cup drill article on our Ponderosa Kennels Web Site

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