Pointing Dog Puppy Training 2

D.T. Systems Pro-Staffer, Dan Ihrke of Green Acres Sportsman’s Club demonstrates puppy training techniques for pointing breeds.
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5 thoughts on “Pointing Dog Puppy Training 2

  1. We only use the treats as long as the dog needs them to perform the task correctly. Some dogs will be past them in two weeks others may take 3 or 4, like all training it depends on the dog.

  2. Ok, Thanks Dan… In the past I never used treats just because I thought they might expect it every time. Thanks for the reply

  3. Your welcome! If you are ever interested in an evaluation or training, give me a call 217-395-2588

  4. We do but this is a topic, that as you know, needs to be handled properly. We do not start collar use until the pup is at least, and I stress minimum, 75% successful on obedience with a lead and choke chain. The e-collar will be physically on the pup but not used.

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