Positive House Training With a Crate | Teacher’s Pet With Victoria Stilwell

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24 thoughts on “Positive House Training With a Crate | Teacher’s Pet With Victoria Stilwell

  1. Hi Victoria! I have a question. My puppy doesn’t like the chew toy I bought for him. It’s a spiked ball. I used it to lure him into his crate but he doesn’t want to be in his crate. I also tried food and ended up with the same result. Is there a difference between custom made crates and those crates for sale in the market? I asked a carpenter to construct a small crate for my puppy a week ago. Please help me. Thanks!

  2. is crate training only for when you’re trying to potty train your puppy? when i get a dog and it’s well potty trained, i want it to be able to choose where it wants to sleep whether it be in the crate, or on my bed.

  3. We kennel train all our dogs saves us a lot of money never did this when we where training them as a puppy during the night we would throw toys in it along with one with treats in it and put the puppy in it, then lock her in, both of my dogs wined for the first week but after that they where fine Aly, now my 3 year old brown lab/border collie loves her kennel she uses it everyday even if we don’t ask her, my 3mon old golden labretriever doesn’t so much because Alys in it a lot but she is trained

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  5. I’d love to know where to get that purple toy. I can’t seem to find any of those roll and treat toys anywhere. Help?

  6. Love the videos, Do you have any tips for dogs who show possessiveness of objects or food?
    Is there a way to prevent that behavior starting at the puppy stage?

  7. Yes! We have a great one from Victoria all about food guarding. Just delete the spaces in the URL:

    youtube . com / watch?v=ZdB1Rb1kGxE

  8. Hey! Thanks a lot for this helpful video. By the way, I hear a lot of people keep on talking about Xobodog Training (do a google search), but I’m not sure if it is really good. Have you tried using this dog training program called Xobodog Training? I’ve heard several amazing things about it.

  9. I felt like i was getting told off in the end! haha. DONT LEAVE YOUR PUPPY IN THE CRATE FOR HOURS. Okayokayokay!!!!!!

  10. Whats the maximum time you are allowed to leave your puppy in the play area?When I get a puppy I am going to have school and since I have hours of time on my hands my parents said they would get me a puppy so I wouldn’t have to just stay home and practicably do nothing. But since I have school I need to know if its ideal to leave my puppy in their play area for about I don’t know 7-8 hours?I think I can’t do that and I might not have the ability to get the dong I want.

  11. I’m a little fed up with one of my two puppies (brothers). They are .75chihuahua/.25dachshund mix. Little bro started off just fine, always toileting straight away when going outside. Big bro was always far too distracted outside & made accidents in the kitchen (where they live). So I crated big bro for 20-30 min increments taking him out. He surpassed little bro & was completely housebroken in a few days. Little bro just will not learn, always hiking his leg on the cabinets. i’m beside myself.

  12. what do you do if you don’t have a playpen for yur new puppy? just a little bed? would you still need a playpen/crate or is it ok just to have a space for he/she/it?

  13. victoria is a great trainer and i like it when the crate is used for positive training. however, i have a friend who locks her dog in the crate for hours on end (every day when she goes to school). poor dog :(

  14. The rule of thumb for how long your puppy can hold its bladder is its age in months, plus one. That’s how many hours it can hold it, maximum. For example, if your puppy is 3 months old, the longest it can hold it in is 4 hours max. Once a dog is a year old, it maxes out to about 12 hours, but it depends on size due to bladder size. I’d say a small dog could hold it at max 8-10, and a big 10-12. You’ll want to be there for him for 1-2 hours every few hours depending on how long it can hold it.

  15. We have a 7 month old Frenchie. He used to be okay for 8 hrs in his crate every night until recently, which he goes bezerk and has incessant barking the remainder of the night until we let him out. He doesn’t need to potty, just seems to be frustrated he’s in his crate (even with crate specific toys). Any suggestions? Thanks!

  16. When my puppy is in the crate with her toys, she still cries when I’m there and when I’m leaving

  17. now the crate is in the safe zone, could i leave the crate open but in that enclosed pen? when i go out for long hours? thanku~ victoria is wonderful.~

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  19. Wth i have to go to school so how would this work no one is coming in my house

  20. You need to find a dog sitter in your local area. Puppies are a huge responsibility. I would love to have one, but have to work for long hours so I can’t get one yet.

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