Potty Train Your Puppy

How to pottytrain a puppy, all the essentials in a 4 minute video. For more, visit my page at http://training-dogs.com/potty-training-dogs.html If you have q…
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23 thoughts on “Potty Train Your Puppy

  1. my´╗┐ dog does it the reverse…
    we take her (belgium malinois) out 5-6 times a day….
    morning, after meals, free time, before sleep…
    but she never poop / pee during the walks..
    all she does is poop / pee at home…or do that right after we come back from a walk…
    it has been over a month….
    what can we do? ­čśë

  2. Often this happens when the dog got frightened of peeing or peeing while on a walk, for whatever reason. I would probably take the dog for a short walk, come home and WATCH THE DOG VERY CLOSELY. Then another short walk… what you want is to catch the moment when the dog is thinking about doing its business and then go out´╗┐ right then!

    This is a well-known situatuion, will take patience and a lot of attention from you!

  3. My dog peed all over my house for 7 years until I finally came up with the solution – Check it out. Google “The Housebreaker´╗┐ Kit”

  4. PLEASE HELP! My 4 month puppy has started to use his potty pad for the first few months we had owed him. A month before this, it started to go pee/poo around the house and everytime we slap his butt and tell him “NO” he still doesn’t listen! We’ve tried many ways but he just won’t get it right! Its a pain to let him go outside every morning and sometimes we just don’t have time! How can yu prevent this from happening and get him to use his pad? please help. Thanks-´╗┐

  5. First, slapping´╗┐ his butt is not helping anything. Nobody learns better by being hit.

    Second, he is still a baby really. Every animal (and every human for that matter) will mature at his or her own pace. You need to take him outside repeatedly, many times a day, until he gets it. But hey, chances are good he will get it a lot faster than human babies do!

  6. Your a fucking dumb fuck don’t slap ur dog how would u fell if i´╗┐ left u in side and didn’t take u out to shit then beat then fuck out of u when u shit puppys cant old there bladder for long take the dog out side tell him go potty and when he does praise him got it ass hole!

  7. your an idiot for saying that, if your saying i dont know how to teach it, you shouldn’t be talking. Your also on this ideo which i’m assuming you don’t know how etheir. I think you should just stick with your own bisness causeobviously you don’t. go learn how! Its it that bad´╗┐ i just want to learn? Nothing wrong with that. Thanks for commenting but I don’t need your advice.

  8. Lol i´╗┐ like to learn different ways faster and easy i know how to train a dog but good try.

  9. You’re welcome, Jenna! I’m so glad this video has´╗┐ helped a lot of puppies and their people.

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