Protection Dog Sales German Shepherd Puppy Training

A quick example of the type of early training our puppies get with their puppy raisers, while living in ACTUAL homes and not being kennel raised. For more in…
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22 thoughts on “Protection Dog Sales German Shepherd Puppy Training

  1. i have an 11 week old german shepherdd he knows sit come stay down paw and
    hop.. u have one smart puppyy greatt job on him!

  2. Cute puppy looks like 3 months? Smart pup you have there My shepherd is 9
    months and is a dumbass.

  3. Jordan, if you have training questions jump onto my blog and ask me
    questions there. It is much easier for me to help you in that format. Happy
    to help.

  4. Yes, my boss at work did the same thing. Told me I was doing a good job,
    but would not pay me. I quit :) To each his own. I like to get paid for my
    work and my dogs like to be paid. They work harder and harder as the grow
    older, but they still get paid for good work. Maybe not food, but toys or a
    romp as a reward. But, they get something extra for their extra effort.
    Food is a great way to start a puppy, but like all methods it has it’s
    limits too.

  5. my gsd pup is 10 weeks atm, was fully housetrained at 8 weeks and no
    accidents, she knows sit, come and heal, might try the bark one next heh ,
    gsd’s are amazing!! 😀

  6. Wish our shepherd was like this as a puppy. He is a pure breed male and
    pick of the litter so he was naturally aggressive and defiant.

  7. Now way! I thought it would be best to tie him up and feed him gun powder
    to make him mean! Let him play? You must be joking. LOL

  8. lol i had alot of erros im comment i mean i cant train her she only thinks
    im plaing whit her how can i train her like you do

  9. You are such a beautiful person Phalluses. If we had more wonderful, loving
    people like you in the world it would be so nice. Peace and love for
    everyone. All animals would live and frolic in the forest and all evil
    would fade away into the shadows. Thanks for reminding me why I bred GSD’s
    and train them to eat people like you when you come knocking to take away
    my rights and supplant them with your own. See you around. Come knocking
    anytime you feel froggie.

  10. I have two 6 1/2 months german shepherd named Odie(Guy) and Tarkie(Woman)..
    They are a ruckus but fun to play with them!!!

  11. Oh wow I envy you… They really are the nicest dogs in the world. And
    while all puppies are totally adorable, German Shepherds are amongst the
    cutest :)

  12. Oh trust me I am. But let’s not get all dog creepy. Our shepherd has fun
    and had a year and a half of obedience training and he sits, heels, stays,
    and goes to bad pretty much on command. Nicest dog after we got him

  13. It’s never to late. I recently trained a nine month old male GSD that was
    totally out of control. After just three short weeks of training he was
    easily handled by his owner who is seven month pregnant and couldn’t even
    walk him on leash before. Don’t give up hope. Just get some help and train

  14. I like Pits also, but you will find that German Shepherds are much easier
    to train. They were bred to be trained and to work for people. They are
    loyal, brave and sensitive to your needs. It is very hard to find any breed
    of dog that can compare to GSD in trainability. GSD’s were ranked #1 in the
    world as the most popular breed for many, many years. Buy the best you can
    afford or adopt one from a shelter. Don’t buy a cheap GSD from the paper
    because of health issues in the breed.

  15. thanks soo much…what enticing treat would u advise that i use…yea right
    now he’s very clumsy and doesnt know his left from right super cute he
    looks a little drunk! ☺

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