Puppy: 2 Month Yellow Lab Tricks

10 week old lab puppy does her new tricks. She has been clicker trained for two weeks.
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19 thoughts on “Puppy: 2 Month Yellow Lab Tricks

  1. my pupy knows how to sit, roll, spin,down, shake, jump but how do i learn her that “bam” thing?

  2. Is that a cross lab if not that dog is not 2 mouths old more like 6 mouths old

  3. a clicker is just to correct positive behaviour followed by a treat. to associate commands by words as the first time, you’ll need a clicker to make the dog understand. Once your dog does the command just from your voice, than you don’t have to use a clicker. but you have to use a various method to challenge your dog. example : sit, click, treat. then try multiple commands like sit, down, click, treat. or sit, click, down, click, treat. try to decrease the treat as the click increases.

  4. Haha, yep, this was a while back ^^ I have moved onto clicker training because it makes it easier to teach her segments of a trick leading up to a full trick with a clicker than just by verbal and hand commands. It really helps to maintain her focus and pinpoint the exact moment she did the ‘right’ thing :)

  5. Very cute… please check out the videos on my channel too! =D

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  7. Wow that’s cute lol I just got a 5 week year old puppy and want to teach him a few things :)

  8. I have a 10 week old yellow lab who only knows sit, paw, other paw and to go potty outside. Your puppy is so cute!

  9. I wonder how you managed teaching those. I have a 2 month old black lab and he’s not doing anything yet, well maybe it’s because we’ve been together for only 2 days. But I still want to know how.

  10. So very cute… please check out the Labrador puppies on my channel too! =D

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