Puppy In Training TV – Ep10 – Puppy Training In The Snow And Bass Pro Shop

http://PuppyInTraining.com – Dublin works on his Guide Dog Puppy Training at the Bass Pro Shop. He does a great job with his meet and greets with a little gi…
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7 thoughts on “Puppy In Training TV – Ep10 – Puppy Training In The Snow And Bass Pro Shop

  1. thanks! he was even cuter as a young pup! Check out the first few episodes if you want to see him when he was a 7 week old puppy.

  2. @powerpuff250387 thanks for responding to @vovavoyevodin. That’s the same answer I would have given! We have some labradoodles in our guide dog program. In fact, one of the working guide dogs that attends our guide dog meetings is a labradoodle.

  3. I didn’t notice him having any problems with his paws and the cold. Stetson has sensitive paws. I have a feeling he might have some problems with the snow on his paws. Hopefully next year we can take Stetson and Linus to the snow.

  4. thanks for watching our videos! Dublin is a male and he will be one year old in just a little over a week. We’ve been doing our best to show some of the things we do as puppy raisers. Let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see in our future videos.

  5. thanks for watching our video! The Bass Pro Shop was a lot of fun. They also have a restaurant that we might try next time. By the way, they allow regular pet dogs into the Bass Pro Shopl. We saw a Great Dane walking around inside and some of our friends have worked on their K9 Nosework training inside the store as well.

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