Puppy In Training TV – Ep6 – Los Caballeros Tennis And Puppy Training

http://PuppyInTraining.com – Colby takes Dublin to his first tennis tournament at Los Caballeros Racquet and Sports Club. Dublin gets the opportunity to walk…

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6 thoughts on “Puppy In Training TV – Ep6 – Los Caballeros Tennis And Puppy Training

  1. @PuppyInTraining, I don’t have a lot of 100 dollar bills laying around to
    donate, but If you ever need my help, I’d be willing to donate time or
    mikomoable skills as needed.

  2. looks like you got some good donations for Guide Dogs of America Colby! I
    saw a $100 bill in there! Well done.

  3. @mikomoable, YEP! Los Caballeros and it’s tennis members were very generous
    with their donations. Dublin and I have been doing our best to collect
    donations for Guide Dogs of America by working charity events and raising
    awareness about GDA. We’ve also received several donations through the
    “Puppy In Training TV” series you just watched. If you or anyone else is
    interested in sponsoring an episode then please just leave a comment or
    send me an email through YouTube. Thanks! Dublin & Colby

  4. @GuideDogGrownUp that would be awesome if you made it out for the
    tournament. Dublin and I are also in charge of organizing our Orange County
    Guide Dog Outings. When we figure out all of our upcoming events we can
    send you an event schedule just in case you and your pup want to join us
    for any outings here in the OC. BTW, I thought that was you taking the
    pics, but wasn’t sure.

  5. Yes, definitely! Not sure if you recognized me but I was the one
    photographing at the fireplace yesterday. LOL My puppy would love to join

  6. @GuideDogGrownUp Dublin has been doing his best to get the word out about
    Guide Dogs of America. We plan on volunteering at the charity tennis
    tournament again next year if you’re interested in joining us!

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