Puppy Mouthing (Training Basics) | Teacher’s Pet With Victoria Stilwell

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22 thoughts on “Puppy Mouthing (Training Basics) | Teacher’s Pet With Victoria Stilwell

  1. I’m having issues with an 11 week old dachshund mix that I adopted. He’s very mouthy and aggressive, to the point that he’ll even gnaw on my boots when I’m wearing them, or grab a mouthful of my pants. I watch him carefully when he’s in the room with my 4 yr old, but more than once he has gnawed on my son’s hands enough to make them red, very quickly. It’s frustrating because my son has a hard time with the “yelp and walk away” even though he tries it. Is there a video about aggressive mouthing?

  2. @ypolnar I have used ‘Secrets to Dog Training’ to STOP my dog’s behavior problems… For Good.
    See this ==> bit.ly/14Zux0y?=lfjghzx

  3. That dog is easy street. I have a puppy who refuses to stop not just mouthing but biting. We have redirected to endless amounts of toys, by yelping and ignoring. What do you do if the puppy follows you (while you are ignoring) and bites your pants? And barks at you to play? Time outs? I have tried that as well.

  4. OMG my puppy (5months old) does the same exact thing :( and i dont know what to do, these ppl and these videos make this crap look so freakin easy but when i walk away to “ignore” him he bites the crap out of my legs and arms…and i am just at the end of my rope :( i feel helpless! Did anyone ever answer your question or did you ever figure out what worked to make your puppy stop?

  5. when ever my girlfriend tries to walk away from our bitey pup he just pulls on her dress or bites her legs

  6. I’ve been watching all of these videos in anticipation of adopting my first ever puppy, and I can’t wait to be the proper teacher she deserves. I’m hoping she isn’t too mouthy, but she’s a pit mix and they don’t tend to bite people. Anyway, just wanted to thank you for all of the wonderful advice- you’re the first trainer I’ve found online whose methods I totally vibe with!

  7. today’s the 2nd month I adopted Ivy ( 4 1/2 mos.); my hands and clothes are her chewing toys and her sharp little teeth cause serious cuts; I’m so sad that this weekend she may go back to the shelter. She is true Alpaha ( check her vids to see her please); HELP !!

  8. I had the problem with my 5 mo. old pound dog. No problem. Pups will be pups. But when it started to become annoying / painfull I slid my palm into his mouth and grasped his jaw firmly and held it there until his eyes told me the wheels turning.. After a few times he became aware this was an unpleasant situation. Jim

  9. The positive method stuff is great, if it works But, I’ve found if a dog bites, bite back. They’re very smart and will catch on quickly.

  10. If you don’t need stitches your puppy is totally normal. Pups do that unless they’re sick or something. If it’s not eating your house be greatful.. Hang on Ivy. That’s just the way it is.

  11. ty for responding; I’ve already been on antibiotics…we have to stay stocked in bandaids; we’re lucky to get 4 hrs. of sleep; sadly she’s sweet n sour…doing our best not to return her..though a beauty, no one will adopt her, ty !!

  12. I love Victoria’s videos, been watching them non-stop as I am going to get my very first puppy in 3 weeks and want to follow her method. She is amazing!

  13. This doesn’t work for me either. My puppy does the same thing as yours.

  14. james hurlbut….thanks, I’m still mouthing my mommy and daddy, they love me and I need to be nicer….Ivy Rose :)

  15. only reward it when it does what you want it to do. I was able to teach my puppy to sit on the first day, but using the treat and clicker method :] with positive reinforcement. worked well, he sits half the time i tell him to.. and knows that he’ll get praised when he sits..and only when he sits… or only when he’s being good. That pants biting sounds annoying, im sure theres a way to teach him though just dont get frustrated try to be positive because dogs get confused very very easily

  16. I have almost an identical problem and can’t find a solution. It makes it difficult to do other training when it won’t stop the biting. I’ve exercised it, practiced several positive reinforcement techniques advocated by several trainers and am very frustrated.  Help…?

  17. My problem is my voice can’t go that high to “yelp”. Any alternate suggestions?

  18. Good video. a good source I use to learn about how to train and puppy training in general is (thepuppytraininghq dot com)

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