Puppy Obedience and Training In Jacksonville

Enjoy the puppies! At the time of recording, Cassie had two training sessions, Chase and Louis each had three. Their owners have done a wonderful job of foll…

8/9 month old puppies having fun in their pre agility training classes !
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3 thoughts on “Puppy Obedience and Training In Jacksonville

  1. i hv one mix puppy looks like a terrier and some of beagle, she has 5 months its too soon to teach her agility or wait to 7.8 months?

  2. you can teach her things like sit stay and such but jumping her or doing weave poles can mess up there growth plates

  3. They aren’t jumping ot doing weave poles ! The jump poles are on the ground and the weave poles are channel weaves set about 10 inches apart, so no damage at all is being done. I am very particular about this

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