Puppy Potty Training Dogs Indoors With Dog Litter Box

http://www.pottytrainpuppydog.com presents dog author Clint Cora talking about the many advantages of puppy potty training dogs indoors with a dog litter box…
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21 thoughts on “Puppy Potty Training Dogs Indoors With Dog Litter Box

  1. hi i have a bichon frise and im interested in training her to go indoors. where should i buy a litter box?

  2. Try Petsmart or Petco. For training info, go to the website listed at the text description of this video

  3. I still can`t find that. Which link? There are 2 links in the description. Is it the first link or the second link?

  4. Hi Krystina, If you have not found another option, we would love for you to try our Piddle Place. A big scratch behind the ears to your Bichon.

  5. Greetings Clint, may I send you a Piddle Place your your Lhasa Apsos? I love your litter box training and would most appreciate your comments.
    You are amazing!
    Kathy Hillman

  6. Clint, I thank you for the response. Yes, I would love your feedback and comment. I am a nurse that works the ER, and I invented this for my dog Kippers. I would love your review, comments and test. May I sent you a sample? If you email me your address, I would love to send piddleplace@hotmail.com

  7. Yes, I would very much appreciate this. If you email your address I will send you a sample please my Hotmail account is piddleplace at Hotmail.com
    A big hug for this Kathy

  8. Great question. It’s a longer process but it’s not impossible to teach your dog litter box training as an ‘additional’ (not replacement) skill. We’ve had cases of success with these dogs.

  9. What if my dog isn’t a puppy? i adopted him when he was 2 and a half and he use to go outside but he doesnt like going out side and like u said i have to take him out too frequently which made me not flexible. i was thinking abt buying a dog litter box.

  10. We have had successful cases of adult dogs learning to use a litterbox. It may take longer but not impossible since dogs are smart and they can learn new skills. In this case, litterbox training is an additional skill rather than replacing going outside. He will learn that in addition to outside, there is a spot inside that is appropriate as well.

  11. I got my pupp 2 days ago and she’s 6 weeks old. She pees where ever she pleases because at first I didn’t know much about house training I want to break that cycle but I don’t know how. I don’t know where to start. She has free roam of my apartment, is it to late to cut her off? Please help me

  12. Still very early but you must start training her propertly now. See the website on the video description text

  13. omg! I just got 2 pom puppies who were 8 weeks old in addition to my 2 cats.
    I’m 22 yeard old, this is just my 2nd day with the poms and cleaning up on a newspaper is getting tiresome.
    The good thing is their doing it on the newspaper, but if my cats can use a kitty litter, why can’t the puppies?
    So, I searched and got to this video.
    Thank you for posting, will try every detail.

  14. Please make sure the kitty litter is non-clumping – otherwise it can hurt your puppies’ stomachs if they swallow

  15. I think it only makes sense for a Chinese man to own a Chinese dog; more than anybody else.

  16. This is very interesting. I have a 3yr old Shih Tzu rescue and have had little luck on complete potty training. I hope it’s not costly to do, I kind of need to watch my spending because of lower income right now.

  17. It’s more sweat equity, ie., your active role in consisent training more than dollars.

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