Puppy training 10 weeks old

Puppy Prodigies neo-natal and early learning program. Training of puppies at 10 weeks old.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Great tips to teach your puppy basic commands. Eukanuba believes the best care begins with the best resources. To read more puppy training information, visit…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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37 thoughts on “Puppy training 10 weeks old

  1. the dog is doing all thta for treats bribary its not doing it cos it respect you or what you ask

  2. Its an OLDER puppy people…guessing 6 months or older. Big dog = bigger puppy.

  3. Lame commercial with bad English actors should’ve been the title of this video.

  4. that ‘s the point..positive reinforcement is enspired from Pavlov experiment in animals.. read some Pcycology!

  5. A mean yeah start with treats but wean them of for doing stuff like that for a stroke or what ever x that how a started my three n now they do it all via I ask them to and then end reward is a pet or belly rub :)

  6. lol i dont know if youve ever trained a puppy but they will look at u like ur stupid for an hour and keep wanting the treat… wouldnt have been very good for this video… thats why they use an older dog to show u how its done without taking five hours

  7. check out my channel for video tutorials on training your dog or puppy! Basic commands!!

  8. Dogs are puppies until the age of 2-3 years. So my 70lbs Staffy is 1 1/2 years oldm so he will act puppy like for at least an other year.

  9. Hi !!! i’m Dog trainer From France ,come in my channel to view my dogs at work

  10. Many thanks for all your great tips. Few days ago, I foud this is dog training program which is downloadable for completely free! Found it to be amazing. They’re only giving it for free for a while so make sure you don’t miss out……

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  11. I actually have a Great Dane puppy and he’s the same size as a lab puppy. So the whole big dog=bigger puppy would not be accurate. That dog is huge and he’s not a puppy

  12. Ricochet reminds me of a more well-trained “Moose” from Marley And Me 2

  13. You are really good.It helped me a lot with a puppy.But she was only 6 weeks old.She learned very fast.Thx.

  14. Some people with disabilities have an easier time zipping up their zipper. But pulling down and trying to unclamp the zipper isn’t as easy. You obviously know nothing about disabilities. Don’t be rude.

  15. you are doing a good job and its a very sweet dog but you give me the creeps when you look into the camera like that

  16. I have a 9 week old rottweiler, she knows how to sit. Beat that Ricochet

  17. Fabulous dog and excellent trainer. All you need is patience and an understanding of what your dog wants.

  18. i dont see how undoing your zipper and turning on a light are effective training.

  19. Your retriever, is a lovely creature (for want of a better word!). I have desperately tried the same thing with mine (Cairne terrier). She is not interested in ‘treats’ , or p

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