Puppy Training Basics – Whoa Training Using Positive Reinforcement

In this video we show you how to teach your puppy to whoa using positive reinforcement and a secondary reinforcer, a clicker. For more information on Willow …

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8 thoughts on “Puppy Training Basics – Whoa Training Using Positive Reinforcement

  1. These are all good tools when whoa training a dog. There is no real order to our training. We typically start with the clicker and we use different methods based on what conditioning the dog needs.

  2. Hey Chad – thanks for showing this. I’ve done a lot of obedience training but starting to transition into bird dogs and all the “old timers” I’ve spoken with seem to really think pinch collars, pinching hitches around the hips and never teaching a dog to sit seem to be the only way to get a good bird dog. That’s a happy, balanced puppy right there. This is great!

  3. Hey Chad, My GSP picked up on everything great untill now. Target training and Sit were learned very quickly. However we are 3 days into “Whoe” and she is still having trouble. She sits every time. Any suggestions?

  4. Make sure you are moving your feet. If you have developed the “sit” command so much that they sit when you stop, try running and then stop, mark the whoa behavior with a click and a treat (don’t mark if they don’t whoa). If they sit, move your feet and get the dog to move again until you get them to whoa. Click and treat. Keep the “game” fun and active. You can also try a whoa post with a place board or bumper or wing on a string. Find the dog’s trigger for sitting and remove the trigger.

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