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http://www.tawzerdog.com GIVE YOUR PUPPY A CHOICE: Modern Socialization & Behavior Training There is so much that your puppy can and should learn in the firs…
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Our new American Bulldog puppy “Pearl”. Almost 9 weeks old this is her third day of clicker training. She’s really doing well with her sit / lay / stand and …
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11 thoughts on “Puppy training – Give Your Puppy A Choice – Grisha Stewart

  1. The second your pup succeeds at performing the trick or task you are training, press the clicker a couple of times. An audible cue like this will quickly reinforce within them they have succeeded. They get use to it very quickly. If your pup’s around 9 weeks old now, make sure you give some good training a couple of times everyday, even for 5-10 minutes at a time.

  2. We searched for American Bulldogs in our province (Ontario Canada) and of the various breeders we chose “Bully Rascalz” near Ottawa.

  3. Some people have asked me what the food puzzle is that the border collie plays with – the big blue egg. It’s called “Scrambler Plus” and it comes in two sizes.

  4. To NOTpet the dog if it jumps up during greeting is so important to learn. Failure to reward works much better than the emotional excitement of a punishment.

  5. Love the distraction of a treat that makes the dog look away from the “slipper” you want to get away from the puppy. Having a proper toy as a substitution would be nice to have ready to hand to the pup.

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