Puppy Training Heel- teach your puppy to heel

Training a puppy to heel while using different types of barriers, walls and doorways to make it clear that he has to come in close. These types of things mak…
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11 thoughts on “Puppy Training Heel- teach your puppy to heel

  1. I just Channel commented that I don’t “go for puppy training” … i guess it sounded bad … seeing this good training is admirable … I just wonder if all owners can be trained too … aghh see? I just cant stop myself… Sorry maybe I’m just not the right person to join this site. I love pets just don’t like the self-righteousness of so many pet owners (which is why I prefer Wollves…) … You are welcome to remove my comments, I see you do a great job though. Thanks, Runi.

  2. You have wolves hybrids and you don’t go for puppy training? You sir, are a first class jackass.

  3. No, I have no pets (simply because I don’t have the required space or time & it would be unfair on the pet). What I meant is that I like the idea of wolves within their natural habitat…

    I would never keep a wild animal as a pet and If I had the opportunity to have a dog, I would definitely follow your puppy-training.

  4. Why? I like it that my puppies very food motivated. Its easy to teach her tricks. In less than a month i taught her how to sit,down,standup,situp,rollover,shake hand, high5, jump, spin, bark, stay and growl.

    Shes so easy to teach because of the high food drive.

  5. I guess only because i feel like im feeding him too much and when hes full he’s done learning and goes to play with a toy anyway

  6. Oh ok i got ya. Try to do that before you feed your dog. Mornings the best time to teach tricks since they’re starving. :)

  7. SIT MEANS SIT is such a bad company they stole my money by not coming to any appointments that are scheduled and confirmed !! and Fred Hassen is not doing anything to fix this ongoing problem !! how unprofessional to ignore his clients and try to get out of this by un-friending current client on FB and not retuning any calls ! this is an awful company not to mention its a SCAM!!!

  8. AWESOME!!! my pup will be 8 weeks by next week… So at what age can I start using the e collar?

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