Puppy Training Mal Puppy Bite work

http://www.ponderosakennels.com/blog Puppy Training a 12 week old Mal pup on introduction to bite work. Nice bite and hold with fight. By the time this pup i…

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11 thoughts on “Puppy Training Mal Puppy Bite work

  1. Hi
    I borrowed that sleeve. I think they are made by Euro Joe. Lots of companies make a “Puppy” sleeve.


  2. How do i start? What is the very beginning of this type of training? by the way beautiful puppy

  3. Nice…I enjoy watching all your video posts, you are very knowledgable and foundationally squared away. I would love to see some video of this pup when she is about 18 mo. old.

  4. that’s either the biggest 12 week mal i’ve seen, or the smallest older man i’ve ever seen. which is it?

  5. hi i have a pup i been working on he is very sosalized very very obedeant and i have now started bit work wth him can u look at my vids and any advice on traning/what im doing wrong/rite and howto to to the next step wood be more than appreciated

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