Puppy Training Motivational Obedience , Heel, sit, stand

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30 thoughts on “Puppy Training Motivational Obedience , Heel, sit, stand

  1. hi, i got a new puppy, im unsure how to feed him, bec breeder is not giving me satisfactory details on how to feed him, he is 61/2 weeks old, currently im giving him puppy food soaked in water for 10 min, 3-4 times a day, im sure i shld nt b giving him puppy food, am i right?

  2. Getting an 8 week old Great dane/Lab mix tomorrow! She was crazy biting on my hair and shoe laces , going to have to defiantly sign her up fort puppy obedience classes!

  3. and if you don’t train them not to bite as puppies, you will end up with a big dog that bites.

  4. my Dane’s almost 9 weeks and the complete opposite! All he wants to do is sleep! & if he’s awake, he just sits there! lol. Even when we take him out on walks, he takes a couple steps and sits down…

  5. My Dane is so funny cause she just runs and runs and some times goes into the wall and I have just got a new kitten too

  6. Hey, what the dog is thinking. Let me dig my nails into your tummy and scream tummy rub. Cut those claws woman! (Teasing) I loved to rub my Cyndi with my socked foot. She lived 15 years and I thought of her as my puppy. My grandma’s dog Skiss Skit loved a scruff under the neck. He’d yank my hand back to the spot if I stopped before he was ready lol. Take care and many happy years with your puppy.

  7. WOW!!! awesome!!! mal’s are so good for this. I hope show breeders don’t ruin this working breed too. the less people that have these dogs the better in my opinion.

  8. That was outstanding. When did you introduce the target stick? Have you found that to be the best way to teacg heel? I am having the hardest time teaching heel to my PitMix (16mths).

  9. all these beter dog training videos have one thing in common…they are using smart trainable breeds of dogs, doesnt do me much good when my wife goes and gets a stupid dam beagle.

  10. Beagles have SO MUCH food drive, this type of training would work great for that breed too! >;^)

  11. I love watching this video. Would love to have more info on this stick work? Saves your back with the pups!

  12. Okay… What the hell is a target stick ? Im getting a dog so I’ve watched alot of puppy training videos, but this is the first one where I see someone use a stick to train a dog.

  13. awesome training..thanks for the tip..i do have a 11 wks old belgian malinois , really responsive, but it destruct him everytime our female poodle wants to play w/him..any advise as far as training ?

  14. Until the puppy is older keep the cats away when you train him. The pup has high drive and the pull of the cat is stronger than the pull of the treat.

    Sounds like a nice pup

  15. What a smart lovely puppy. A little confusing for him that you use the stick as a target stick to lure him – then you use the stick to prod his backside down to sit or prod him in the chest to stay
    Have you tried clicker training? He is so smart and keen I bet you will find that much more motivational for him than prodding him with a big stick

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