Puppy Training – SIRIUS Berkeley Puppy 1 (1.1)

See More @ http://www.DogStarDaily.com/ ) In Week 1 puppies get comfortable playing with each other and having their play sessions interrupted by people for…

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12 thoughts on “Puppy Training – SIRIUS Berkeley Puppy 1 (1.1)

  1. Sent you the vids via message.
    Haha, I’m not bitter or divisive..I am very open to learning about all training methods, however there is no room in training for abusive methods that have the potential (and often do) cause injury to owners and their pets. Why do you think NG shows that ‘DO NOT TRY AT HOME’ warning??

  2. On the other hand your comment set the tone of conversation pretty fast..
    “I bet the happy little treats wouldn’t help.”

  3. wrote “your comment set the tone of conversation pretty fast..”

    Fair enough. :-)

    My line of thinking was that all I’ve seen from Sirius and Positive Reinforcement training clips has been aimed at bringing up young dogs that are reasonably well-adjusted to begin with. CM’s show doesn’t focus on that. It’s about the sensationalist “red zone” dogs. I’ve seen nothing besides him that addresses those extreme cases. However I will watch the clips you messaged me.


  4. @rmcdaniel423
    Let me just say I don’t ‘hate’ CM..I DO hate his methods and the fact that he is so severely misinforming the general dog owning public. I agree sometimes I can watch an episode and think to myself ‘hey he’s getting it right, just with the wrong terminology’..then other days I can’t believe the things he does and says.

    Well..what behaviors exactly? Jumping for example is often labeled a ‘dominant’ behavoir, when in reality it is a completely normal greeting behavoir.

  5. 😉
    Oh yeah, Ian Dunbar largely emphasizes prevention. He’s the guy that pretty much mainstreamed the idea of puppy classes and early socialization, that’s his focus. I actually just got back from a four day seminar of his last week. Other ‘positive’ trainers like Sophia Yin put more focus on aggression and the like.  ‘Positive’ trainers are out there working on aggressive cases all the time, they just don’t have a TV show.

  6. Wow, you really know how to start an intelligent conversation! Ha, a lot of the dogs at his center are dogs he has kept from clients when he couldn’t fix their issues! Those ‘experts’ also commonly have used methods similar to CM’s (leash pops, alpha rolls, shock collars etc)! These dogs owners needed to meet with a Behaviorist, a certified educated behaviorist with a doctrine in animal behavoir..not CM and his film crew.

  7. A bag of tricks? Are you making reference to my vids? I really enjoy teaching my dogs stupid pet tricks and making vids of those tricks on youtube…so what…? Because I teach tricks somehow means I don’t know how to deal with problem behaviors?? It’s more training than you’ve done I’m sure.

  8. Name calling, what a surprise.
    What ‘academics’ exactly are you referring to? You really just aren’t making very much sense.

  9. Sorry I didn’t see this comment before replying to your first comment.
    Force free trainers are out there helpings aggressive dogs on a daily basis, just because they aren’t featured on a TV episode doesn’t mean they aren’t there. I’m sure had a behaviorist been contacted to help this dog they would have, it was the rescue or the shelter’s responsibility and decision to either get the dog the training it needed or opt for Euth..unfortunately they did the latter.

  10. To answer your question the ‘experts’, the educated behaviorist and trainers were there the whole time waiting to step in and start behavioral modification. Unfortunately the shelter or rescue choose not to bring these people in.

    I got upset yesterday watching an episode on animal cops in which a perfectly sweet and loving dog was PTS for food aggression.  Food aggression is generally very very treatable with a proper behavioral modification plan in place.

  11. That is NOT true. Most of the owners on his show have NEVER tried force free methods at all. LOL and yours aren’t? This is my opinion..

    He flooded the crap out of the poor dog causing it extreme stress..there are force free methods to helping dogs overcome fears. Flooding to that level is abuse. Say you are deathly afraid of spider..how would you feel if someone looked you in a room filled with spiders??

  12. What the hell is wrong with you? I’m sorry, but where in the world are you getting these ideas?? I dislike Pattison even more so than CM, where in the hell did I ever state otherwise? WOW just WOW Let’s ignore facts and just call all CM critics racist..nice very nice. I could care less what race CM is I disagree with his methods because they are abusive. I’m done replying to you, your utter ignorance and refusal to accept others views are disturbing.

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