Puppy Training – Train Your Puppy to Walk!

Puppy Training - Train Your Puppy to Walk!

http://www.pett-training.info/ Make your puppy an expert in lead walking.
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6 thoughts on “Puppy Training – Train Your Puppy to Walk!

  1. this is a good video, i have a young puppy, he tends to sit there for ages. I was told by so many places that you need to show them who is boss and in charge. they suggest pulling the lead and calling him… This looks and sounds a far better system will have to try it.

  2. got any videos on biting or mouthing, I have three children 9 is the youngest he bite my daughter on the back yesterday. I’ve been working with him in the kitchen letting him lick my hand and he goes to mouth but never clamps down on me.

  3. Sometimes when he puts his mouth over my hand i go ouch and pull back, i was told he would understand he may have bitted down a bit to hard and will learn.

  4. my puppy was train to sit with treats. now when walking he refuse to walk if he knows I have a treat….He just sits and waits for a treat…

  5. so far this is the best video i found that can really help me train my lil puppy brat

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