Puppy Training Video – Puppy Nutrition (Episode 1)

Learn what your puppy needs in his diet to become a great do. More on www.eukanuba.com.

Teaching the Directed Stay.

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25 thoughts on “Puppy Training Video – Puppy Nutrition (Episode 1)

  1. Thanks for the positive feedback. Mals and Dutchies are cool, but they really require a lot of consistent training and exercise. The most important thing in picking a dog for your family is to carefully lay out your expectations, be honest with yourself concerning your ability to train and exercise, then find a bloodline that matches your goals. Finding the right bloodline is, in my opinion, the most important factor in being happy with a new puppy.

  2. Nice videos, I am getting my Mal this Friday. First time dog owner so I know it is not the best breed to start with but I consider myself an animal guy as I have owned a lot of crazy animals and I have a firm attitude. Do you neuter your dogs? Great videos man !!!

  3. You will be fine. Just remember, the key to owning a Mal is lots of exercise. It’s hard to get trainers to agree on much, but everybody agrees that a tired dog is a good dog.

    I do not neuter my dogs.

  4. very nice! I will start my puppy on this right away! (mine is now 16 weeks and is sitting nicely for about 30–but not all the time!

  5. Each day, strive to add a little time and distance. A little bit of progress each day adds up quickly!

  6. You’d be surprised. You can feed a medium to high-quality kibble without having to overhaul your budget. I work at an independant pet supplies store, and we sell all holistic brands for only a few dollars more than what chain pet stores charge for considerably lower quality food.

    You also don’t have to feed as much kibble on a high-quality diet, so you have to buy less.

    (Prices are compared to brands like Eukaneuba, not Ol’Roy. Going from Ol’Roy to holistic WOULD seem expenive.)

  7. If you’re concerned about mixing in the necessary supplements that local raw meat lacks, you could always look into buying a premade raw diet. An improperly balanced raw diet is just as bad as an improperly balanced kibble diet, and I know a lot of people who don’t trust themselves to measure everything carefully.
    I’ve also seen supplement powder mixes that you just measure into the meal, and print-out raw meal plans online so you don’t over/underfeed. :) Explore options in your area and online.

  8. That’s a dangerous accusation to make, and just as much ‘propaganda’ as this video.
    I’m an active member of the local pet owning community, and know several people whose dogs didn’t thrive on a raw diet. In a household of 11 dogs (of the same breed, on the same diet and portion size), 2 dogs lost dangerous amounts of weight on a raw diet. 7 showed no change between a raw diet and a high-quality kibble, and 2 showed small improvements in coat and teeth.
    There is no universal ‘perfect diet’.

  9. hey eukanuba,
    I think you meant to title this video “Commercial = BS” not “puppy training video. thanks for wasting my time.

  10. I guess I have to watch the rest of these, this doesn’t looks like a training vid though, It’s a comercial.

  11. Training a dog is like training a woman. You must beat them severely to make them listen.

  12. thats exactly what i was thinking.

    i wanted to watch a training video not an advertisement.

  13. BULLSHIT!!!since the 2007 commercial dog food scandal revealed who feed their dog with this crap poisonous commercial dog foods anymore?Hey people STOP fall for this crap just search “dog food secrets” here on youtube an watch the videos..
    Ps:it supposed to be a puppy training video not some advertisement ,u just a waste of space!!!!!

  14. @Ydivan30 you can give him a tiny portion of food at a time and wait til he is done then give him another small portion and keep doing it til his whole meal is eaten…whoever wants dog training tips should watch It’s Me or the Dog…she is good

  15. umm im a 9 year old dog lover and im looking for good havanese breeders . I have been studying about havanese dogs and they are pretty awesome . so please tell me some havanese breeders in the dallas texas area please .

  16. Wtf. BARF all the way. Humans don’t eat rejected meat and grain. Neither should dogs. In the wild, they eat fresh meat and veg. Not cooked, packaged unhealthy crap.

  17. Ok people calm down. I’m a vet student and we do have to take animal nutrition courses. Animals eat a more balanced diet and receive more of their nutrients and what they need (with a decent food) than we ever do. We weren’t pushed or taught to approve any certain brands more than others. Sooo, you can trust people that have studied this in a very rigorous program of education, or trust some internet site you found. Up to you

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