Puppy Training – Viewer Q&A

The second episode in the series where I take the most popular questions that I receive and answer them in a video. I have several tutorials on cues that pup…

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16 thoughts on “Puppy Training – Viewer Q&A

  1. hi :) i am getting a gsd puppy soon. but i wonder at one thing, what do you
    do when puppies chew at furniture, or pees inside while ur watching? And
    learn them not to?

  2. You totally rock dude. Your philosophy of having a good relationship with
    the dog and throwing the idea of being Alpha over your dog in the bin is
    great and needs to be accepted all over the globe. Obviously I agree to
    your philosophy. It is sad to know that there are only a few dog trainers
    who believe in this issue. The only ppl I know is Zak George (Host of
    animal planet, Superfetch) and you.

  3. My dachshund peke mix seemed very dull especially when having her catch her
    treats. Our bug mix was older and already knew many tricks. Our younger dog
    had little to no formal training then one day she just started CATCHING! we
    think she picked up most of her commands from watching the bug mix :) isn’t
    that cool? And we thought shed Nvr catch lol.

  4. can you please do a q&a video again soon? I found this one very helpful.
    Also, what would be the best age to begin clicker training? I am hopefully
    going to adopt a little german shepard soon and I was wondering if an
    average but not tiny garden would be suitable for such a dog? I would be
    however be bringing him on long daily walks.

  5. Thanks for the video. I got some questions too. When do you start with the
    clicker? Is the clicker fading out with the exercises? I am not sure if I
    find the clicking all the time annoying or my neighbors. If I teach a dog
    for exsample to sit on vocal command, can I do it also with a gesture of
    hand. I read once that you should not do both, but I am not sure if it was
    ment both at the same time or in general both commands.

  6. Great Video! I might be getting an Australian puppy for Christmas:) Do you
    think you could do a video with your dog and all the tricks she can do?

  7. CAN I ASK YOU? How Old did you teach your DOG to do TRICKS? i have a
    Belgian malinois same as yours ,i think so. she 7 1/2 months old , can i
    still teach her to do tricks? is it to late?this is the first time that i
    was amused and have interest on training my dog..thanks to your inspiring

  8. I’ll probably start training my maltese puppy by the time i have bought a
    handfull og gummy bears…hehehe

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