Puppy Training with Remote Collar

Puppy Training with Remote Collar

http://www.thetruthaboutshockcollars.com 2 weeks after starting remote collar training with a 6 month old puppy who was fearful of other dogs, bolting when o…

Red Star Presa Puppy obedience training

O’ Tex and Irina training obedience.

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15 thoughts on “Puppy Training with Remote Collar

  1. Nice positive reinforcement : ) Cant wait to own one of these dogs one day in the future. We got similiar training styles, except I use free instead of ok to release the dog from command. He listens well and has nice posture tail up and very attentive. Hes huge too I might add and beautiful!!

  2. Thank you.
    Tex is super cool, he is naive and easy to train. Makes it fun for me.

  3. what a nice gentel scary looking guy. ❤ love the presa beast, man i want one but there too wxpensive :(

  4. yes. Treats, toys, play, physical & verbal praise…it’s all part of the combined package. Sometimes I forget to talk about it as much as I should because I’ve so focused my discussions on the e-training part. But whatever is +R for the dog should be incorporated into the work.

  5. May I ask, how often can we use remote collar? Also, at what age for the puppy can we start using it? One more xD can it be used on any dog breed?

  6. Yes, any breed, as long as it fits. Some dogs are simply too small to fit the receiver. U must also change contact points depending on coat length and density. We routinely start pups around 5-6 months of age. As far as how often, not sure I understand the question. I make it a consistent thing in the dog’s raising. They wear it when I’m with them so I can use as needed to communicate throughout the day. As they get older & more consistent you can wean off, but consistent early on is important.

  7. I use the remote collar to teach a wide variety of behaviors because I believe diversifying it’s meaning is highly valuable. We routinely start puppies around 5 months of age. There are no breed restrictions, however some dogs are too small to property fit a collar on.

  8. I agree totally! I don’t know what I would have done without this tool,and all of the help of videos like yours on YouTube. THANKS!

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