Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy training, playing,doing tricks, four months old

Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy training, playing,doing tricks, four months old

our amazing puppy Micah’s first four months. Training him & enjoying him.

See what my 10 week old Doberman puppy already knows! He’s so smart!!!

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18 thoughts on “Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy training, playing,doing tricks, four months old

  1. i have a 6 week old doberman pup, i can get him to sit but i cannot get him to lie down, i use a clicker to train him, does any one know of a video that teaches a dog to lay down using a clciker

  2. He’s adorable! Wonder what he looks like now? You will enjoy him forever; and yes, Dobes are the BEST dogs ever! Once you have one, you never want any other kind!oh, and we “love the nub!” haha

  3. …in my experience, just when he’s about to lay down, say whatever you want the command to be (i.e. “Down”), then click and reward. I’ve also taught it very easily my putting a sm treat in my closed hand, then saying the command as I put my fist to the ground. They will follow the treat into a down position. Then reward.
    Good luck…they’re sure to get it. Those Dobies love their treats!

  4. What is that guy on about? 119 lb??? haha! My dobe is 75lb .. and shes overweight! haha. what a douche.

  5. Lol. I know! Yeah that is about right, mines just overweight because shes a female. Plus she’s at the shorter end of the doberman height chart lol 😛

  6. Great job to max and mommy! This was fun to watch and to hear how proud you are of him is awesome! A proud owner shows love…yay! I am awaiting my babies…8/24/11 i pick them up…:)

  7. How did you start training him? My dobie is 8 weeks and Im not sure how to start…hes so smart!!!

  8. why do trainers click after the dog does the action??? it so the dog know it did the right thing??

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