Rocco, 4 moth old puppy :Check out his training!

Rocco is a 4 month old Rottie and used to be a little on the wild side….check him out after only a few lessons with Richard Heinz. who is localy known as “…
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Me and my 12 week old Pitbull puppy “G” doing some obedience training, having fun. Thanks for watching. I was using small chicken treats for rewards. how to …

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23 thoughts on “Rocco, 4 moth old puppy :Check out his training!

  1. nice work, keep up the training. peep out my dogs bang bang trick, he looks damn near just like yours.

  2. man i saw ur dog as a puppy after i watched that bang bang trick lol, great work man he look good too.. our dogs do look related too lol

  3. how cute!! i have a twelve week old blue nose….working with him but he gets did you get him to be so intentive? absolutely adorable!

  4. wish my husky pup would learn this easily. he knows sit, and then he takes off in excitement and turns into a crazy rebel…

  5. Excellent .. absolutely adorable puppy!!.. I have a chocolate lab and he’s awesome.. he can sit on command.. lay-down.. jump.. he’s doing good for a 7 week old puppy!

  6. hey man that was great but can you show us how to train our 4 month old puppies to do those tricks? or does it depend on the type of dog?

  7. Thank you for your comment. The obedience training you saw on the video is the result of weeks of training. The best advice I can give is find a professional dog trainer and behavior expert in your area to help you learn how to work with your dog. Good luck!

  8. That’s all TREATS! I live with a real dog whisperer! he needs to carry no treats at all.
    He’s still good, not the real thing though

  9. as you can see, there were no treats at all. I don’t believe in props and kudos to your “dog whisperer” for not using them. AS you know there is no competition for the dog whisperer title because to be a dog whisperer is a form or training, anyone , who has the proper education and credentials can be one. Just food for thought. There are plenty of dogs who need help for all the dog whisperers in the world and no need to bring down anyone . Professionals don’t do that.

  10. I still can see how the puppy keeps smelling your pocket and paying attetion to your hand when u put it there.
    I never meant to say Dog Whisperer should be only one, english is my second language.
    I have a 4 month old puppy, he walks off the leash and we use no treats at all. It is my point of view, which doesn’t mean i don’t respect your work, as I’ve said it before

  11. everyone that owns a dog thinks they can be a dog trainer, amazing! This is an amazing video and if people would know how hard it is to get a puppy who is 4 months to do this, they would not critizize any method that needs to be used. Great job and you well deserve the title as “The Miami Dog Whisperer!”

  12. We have a new American Pit bull puppy and thank goodness I am a stay at home mom, because that is what the puppy needs. Lots of attention and training. A lot of people get a new puppy and do not understand how much TIME and EFFORT it takes to train a new puppy the correct way. You cannot just get a puppy and expect it to train itself. YOU MUST put in tons of time, time, time!! It is work, but, if done correctly, you will have a GREAT dog.

  13. thats just awesome man very nice work with the puppy i bet he’s gonna make a great friend :)

  14. what do you look for when finding a trainer? locals have had no luck and spent lots of money on “obedience” training here in New Orleans. What kinds of questions should I ask? Thanks.

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