Rottweiler Puppy Training

This is BooBoo my 6 month old puppy doing his training.

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21 thoughts on “Rottweiler Puppy Training

  1. dogs watch you as you open doors so they knoe to jump up and slam there paws on it

  2. :O And you could teach him all that within 6 months? I must learn your ways wise beastmaster of the west!

  3. hi, ive never had a dog, and i want a rottweiler ;D
    would this be a good idea ?

  4. i just realized that owning a dog before having kids is probably the way to go.

  5. wow ur a great trainer i really want to get a rottweiler raise it to be a good companion and a protector but at what age should i get a rottweiler because i want it to socialize with my 4 cats who are friendly and be good to my friends and family and will know when to attack

  6. i wouldn’t recommend it they are hard dogs to control if raised poorly

  7. If more rotti owners were like this, actually taking the time to train their dog, then they wouldn’t half as much of the bad press that they do…

  8. Well trained.. and this dogs are so smart. We are going to get one after Cristhmas.

  9. The trick is to teach dog all of this with out any reward, than is a real thing

  10. You start with the treats then ween them off. Only give them a treat occasionally.

  11. Or just treating them well in general instead of taking advantage and abusing their animal.

  12. What a great dog. I smiled the whole time. He is wonderful. I just adopted a female today here in Portage County Ohio. I love Rotts. They are so loving and gentle.

  13. They are so dang smart and Love to make us happy. Just want us to love and feed them

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