Siberian husky puppy training

My 10 week old siberian husky pup.
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Puppy Training 11 week old “Drake” the Labrador puppy at Cottonwood Ranch and Kennel located on the western slope of Colo…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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26 thoughts on “Siberian husky puppy training

  1. These are THE BEST training videos I have seen! Thank you soooo much. Have a 9 week old chocolate Lab named Mozart and I am learning a lot to teach him from these sessions! Beautiful place as well and of course, terrific dogs!! Thank you!

  2. Hello, thank u very much for these good videos, I’m also learning from you how to teach my new (first ever dog I have) white Labrador.
    I also hope u will answer me to this question: What’s the best way to teach him not to bite while I’m playing with him gently or is that just common thing (my male lab is just 40 days old) with Labs or puppies when their teeth are growing??? I’m asking this because I’m affraid if he will continue to bite when he grow older.. :) cheers from Bosnia.

  3. looks just like my 11 week old lab banks, how did his saddle turn out now that hes older mine has that and im curious

  4. Omggggg I was just thinking ‘ how can he resist his tale shaking and total cuteness ?!’ And then he gave him a kiss. Omgggggg I just love labs!! Perfect dogs! No doubt

  5. if he doesnt respond the first time you need to give it a few seconds dont keep repeating yourself otherwise hes really learning that he doesnt have to do something the first time you say it…but other than that very nice look pup even though hes probably a year and some now haha

  6. Storm u fucking dick.isten to ur wonder u little cute husky puppy :)

  7. If the treats aren’t working get rid of them. Try a favorite toy used ONLY as a reward when training. Something soft and squeaky. If that doesn’t work, try lots of praise and play. My husky was the same. As for the mouthing, AS SOON as your pup does it, grab them around the snout (not hard, just to get their attention) look them in the eye and tell them no. Mine doesn’t even mouth anymore at all. Good luck.

  8. i put this coment months ago but now shes doing well with all comands thanks

  9. Storm breathe…gooood boyy…..storm be a dog……goooood boyyy….storm touch the grass…..gooood boyyy

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