Teach a Puppy to Lie Down | Teacher’s Pet With Victoria Stilwell

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http://good-dogs.co.uk Most dogs love dens and crates provide a very good representation of this. Sharon shows you step by step methods that will crate train…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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43 thoughts on “Teach a Puppy to Lie Down | Teacher’s Pet With Victoria Stilwell

  1. im in school from 7:00 to 2:45. should i just use a play pen instead of a cage ?

  2. if i crate train my GSD puppy 8 weeks, with the wire kennel will it make a difference if i use a plastic one when we go to the airport?

  3. I’m so glad you used a jack Russell terrier puppy!! We might get one and im watching videos to learn how to train him!

  4. This video is a great reference.We’ve had him for just about 2 wks & we are crate training him.He sleeps in it all night & is in it all day while we are at work. 8 to 4 daily.Feels cruel to me but we have no other choice.We take him out about every hour.He is fed in the AM & PM.Once he eats, we take him out & come back in when he did both.For the most part he is doing OK but I’m anxious to get him trained & to the point that he lets us know when he needs to go out.How can I get him to do that?!

  5. What do you think is a suitable breed for a first time owner. Also, a dog that is small and doesn’t shed much as someone in my family has allergies. Thanks great video, cute puppy.

  6. I just got a 3month old cocker spaniel,thats not potty train yet. both my husband an i work the overnights. when we come home after our 10 hr shifts. he’s all wet with urine and he is tearing up his sheepskin dog rug that i have in the crate. Should i have him eat his last dinner at 6pm till we come home and should i just take out the rug out of his crate till he getts over his teething thing? please someone helllllllllllllllppppppppppppppppppp?

  7. This still surprise me, how a lot of people have no idea about Xobodog Training (search on google), although many people solve their dog behavior problems because of this training program. Thanks to my buddy who told me about Xobodog Training, I’ve turn my dog into the perfect canine pal.

  8. Hi Sharon, I wish I had watched your video before I brought my little bundle of joy home! As a complete novice to this and being advised by many different people I didn’t have the success you did with your puppy & now I feel awful. My pup screamed the house down for the first 3 nights and I felt so cruel leaving her like that but was told I was doing the right thing. She now voluntarliy goes into her crate and plays, sits, sleeps etc but I hope she sees it as her own little den & not punishment

  9. Do you think she associates it as her own little place? She seems happy enough in there but I hope it’s a positive thing. Could you advise me of anything else I can do so that she’s totally content and comfortable in her crate? Thank You very much.

  10. If she pees and poops everywhere in the crate, you might have gotten to big of a crate. Dogs are clean animals so where the sleep, they like it to be clean. If the crate is too big, they will do their business on one side and sleep on the other.

  11. I might have to try that with my 3 yr old dog. He has bad anxiety when I leave the house. Very cute dog! :)

  12. O grande problema é que as pessoas pensa que cachorro e passarinho, e deixa o animal por mais de 10 horas trancado em uma gaiola, e não querem que eles se sinta mau, bando de ignorantes, o animal precisa caminhar, se não tem tempo de criar um animal não compre, só para telo, ele precisa de carinho de caminhar, comer nas horas certas, fazer suas necessidades,animal não é brinquedo de criança, não de de prezente um animal, isto é um absurdo.

  13. At first the puppy will hate the crate because it feels abandonment when you are not around and that is when the crying starts. This is progressive training, keep in mind folks the puppy wont like the crate over night. I’m on day two with my pup and he is getting better but still crys at night.

  14. Not a fan of crate-training, but you are definately showing people the right way to crate-train. The issue isn’t so much with the crate but with the weakness of some owners in using the crate because they are too lazy to train their puppy, or are angry with accidents, hence creating a negative association. But you are right-on with this video, it’s all about positive association and I commend you for such principles! Just wish more owners understood this.

  15. Another thing that helps is to talking in a normal tone, it could be about something or nothing at all, just talk in a normal voice during the training. Some dogs will just be naturally anxious and have separation anxieties, but crate training is well worth its time and patience. I liken it to training a cat to use the toilet rather than litter box…small steps and, if an accident happens and they mess on the floor, you back up however far to where success last was in the training process.

  16. Sharon, We just brought home our first Morkie last weekend and he is 12 weeks. I can tell he is very smart the way he looks at us. We are just beginning the potty training steps and I have a crate and a potty pad as well as a nice area I made outside for him. He does not potty in his crate, however, do you have any suggestions on how to catch him before it’s too late?

  17. When is it a good time to crate train?myjack russell terrier (this video has just made me want her even more badly) puppy arrives tomorrow but the crate won’t be here until tuesday…which I thought was ok so she can get to know us and loves us first and then start the training when she is comfortable.xx thank u

  18. This form of vid is the reason why my partner and I look at Youtube. I waste a huge amount of time doing this.

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  19. Good video. a good source I use to learn about how to train and puppy training in general is (thepuppytraininghq dot com)

  20. This confuses my YorkiePoo. She Will do it but not my command only for the treat. So in essence I’m just spoiling her into thinking she’s gonna get a treat for it. And if she’s knows she ain’t getting one she will either walk away or just stare at me.

  21. ok, i tried to teach our dog yesterday, but she’s laying down only on the couch or on the carpet. when i tried to make her lay down on the floor she was scratching my hand for the treat… 😀
    any idea??? 😀
    anyway it was fun, and i’ll keep trying 😀

  22. I have a 9 week old husky puppy who knows how to sit (even without treats and just praise) but every time I have tried to get him to lie down using this method he keeps biting my hand trying to get the treat! Please help me! I’m really keen on getting him to lie down ASAP!

  23. i like this video better thne the other ones.. becaus it teach my basset hound puppie better

  24. Hi, I’m trying to train my 4 year young west highland white terrier. I know that it’s really difficult to train an older dog or a terrier but I’m really determined. Whenever I try to get him to lie down he stands up and just scratches at my hand and will not lie down. Eventually he just loses interest and walks away. What do I do?

  25. your dog is amazing my dog is 6 weeks old and he is not so good at the laying down thing

  26. My puppy is a pitbull and I teached her to sit down and give high five but with the laying down its not working she do bite me when I try to make her laydown what can I do???

  27. I have tried everything in teaching my puppy to lie down, nothing seems to work he just sits there and stares at it any advice.

  28. At what age should I start teaching to lie down, stay, etc. Thanks

  29. thank you very very much for the video, i’m actually just posting this after training my 11 month old black lab Lola and it worked perfectly. it´s amazing! again thank you.

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