Training a Dog to Heel | Teacher’s Pet With Victoria Stilwell

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16 thoughts on “Training a Dog to Heel | Teacher’s Pet With Victoria Stilwell

  1. could you also try doing this with a smaller dog. because my dog is so big
    because she’s a chihuahua

  2. She’s just a baby! Give her time to grow. Also, start any training indoors,
    where there are no distractions.

  3. yeah I heard Beagles are difficult when it comes to this. Hope things are
    going better now :)

  4. You suck the dog was not heeling when there was no wall on his left side he
    was just walking beside you but he was not close enough to your leg.

  5. Do any of you know of a site called, i have seen on a
    couple of forums that they have excellent video guides for all aspects of
    dog training. I am interested in the obdience videos if anyone has tried
    them ?

  6. If you’re looking to improve your dogs behaviour and get them properly
    trained then go to and follow their step by step

  7. You gotta check this out, If you’ve got a new puppy, or a dog who needs to
    learn to behave, then go to and follow their step by
    step dog training program. Made my life so much easier

  8. Hi there!! :) I got a puppy a month ago and she alredy learn several tricks
    like Sit , stand, up , lay down , shake paw wave hello, spin and a few more
    but she only plays them when we are inside the house , not even in my
    backyardu.u and if we go to the park she runs and runs and don’t come back
    to me, she’s a golden retriever/husky mix and she’s 3 months old , can you
    tell what can I do? , by the way sorry for my inperfect english I’m from
    mexico , have a nice day And i like your videos :)!!

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