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23 thoughts on “Training You to Train Your Puppy.avi

  1. The biggest thing I’ve learned in my years of training dogs (in regards to potty training) is PATIENCE and CONSISTENCY. If you can keep those two concepts in check, your dog will be peeing outdoors in no time!

  2. We’ve had out Yorkie cross for 3 months now and we can’t house train her at all. Whenever we put pads down she tears them to shreds and bites everything in sight, potty training outside isn’t working either, she’ll wait to pee until shes back in the house. I don’t know what to do with her! shes 7 months old, any advice?

  3. My job are in a very unstable hours and I can’t be home at all time. However, I do walk my dog outside whenever few times a day. Should I let my puppy out of the “SafeZone” when I am home?

  4. This sort of movie explains why I watch Youtube. I squander way too much time by doing this. HOWEVER the large majority of folks are little by little KILLING their dogs – without noticing it! The crap which they put in pet food leads to cancer malignancy and tends to make family dogs die young. I figured that out the difficult way when my doggy passed away aged 7.

  5. This sort of vid is why my spouse and I relax and watch Youtube. I usually laugh my ass off.

    BUT most pet owners are slowly KILLING their pet dogs (without noticing it). The shit dog food companies put into pet food generates malignant tumors and makes most dogs pass away early.. To conserve your dog’s life look for Double Life Dog Diet (Try looking in Google.) It’s what I did.

  6. i really want to thank you cause i have a baby pitbull and he s going out for toilet!!!!!!!!!!!!!he is only 3,5 months!!!!!

  7. This does not work with my puppy Lola, she will not pee in her pin, she will wait till i let her out the pin to then pee on my wood floor…

  8. Hi! Thanks for this helpful video. By the way, I notice lots of people keep on talking about Xobodog Training (search on google), but I’m not sure if it’s good. Have you thought about this dog training program called Xobodog Training? I have heard many great things about it.

  9. My puppy is 9 weeks old and i am using the pads, however she only uses them occasionally & will have accidents frequently. How can i encourage her to use the pad? I have heard of sprays you can get by putting it on the pad that entices puppy to toilet there, would you recommend those? please help, i really want to train her properly :)

  10. I trained my do using this great training system I found. I found it a

  11. my dog knows to go to the bathroom when i say “yes” lolll.. it just turned out that way. Because when i saw him sniffing out an old spot in the yard that he previosuly pissed/shit in… i said “yes”…then he immediately started searching for an area. He does it everytime now .. learned within 2 times of me saying it. but he’s still going to the bathroom in the house :/ he’ll get the hang of it soon enough-im working on it

  12. How do u use this method at night time and when we r at work? Our 9wk old gsd knows to go outside but obviously at night snd when we r at work he can do this. Is it just patience waiting for him to get older which will help him hold it in? Thank u in advance

  13. same with my dog. hes one year old & i let him outside to pee, and when he comes back he pees all over whenever were not looking.

  14. Good video. a good source I use to learn about how to train and puppy training in general is (thepuppytraininghq dot com)

  15. I have the same problem but with 2 pups.They are now 17 weeks old and when I tell them to pee outside they do it in the garden but they will also come back into the house and pee as well. I can also have the door to the garden open and they will still pee in the house rather than going outside.

    I have removed all the paper in the house bar one piece but they pee on any part of the floor instead. I have had the pups for 9 weeks now.

    Any help will be appreciated.

  16. Thanks for sharing! I found the Vet’s advice most useful, from 1:01:12 onwards.

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