What is clicker training?- dog training

What is clicker training? Clicker training is a way of training animals in which desirable behavior is marked with a sound maker and then reinforced, making …

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17 thoughts on “What is clicker training?- dog training

  1. Hell, I think a Snapple drink is more expensive than a clicker haha

  2. I found it kind of cute. Not a polished presenter’s voice, more of a “I’m a good dog trainer and this is my YouTube video” voice.

  3. Honestly it doesn’t matter so long as it’s a distinctive, audible, short, unique sound that doesn’t bother the animal. The clicker is to mark the good behavior in a precise and absolutely unchanging way, and is always followed by a treat. It’s basically a way of guaranteeing a baseline communication.

  4. I got mine from a pet store. But you can get it online like Amazon 😀

  5. Hey! Thanks a lot for this useful video. By the way, I notice many people keep on talking about Xobodog Training (search on google), but I’m not sure if it is good. Have you tried this dog training program known as Xobodog Training? I have heard several unbelivable things about it.

  6. I have taught my dog several things from sit,stay,lay down, to her knowing her right,left and saying yes. I’m Starting a Dog obedience training job and am not sure to use the clicker? May I use it on a dog and sometimes not?

  7. Did anyone else think 3:01 was hilarious? What the fuck kind of trick is that?

  8. It’s one of the most impressive tricks I’ve ever seen… the dog has to have incredible balance to stay upright that long, and he can’t see the trainer’s face for a lot of it which is very hard for most dogs.

  9. No, I agree it is incredibly impressive.

    But the fact remains, it looks hilarious

  10. I have a dog that has been trained a little like “sit”. after watching this video, i really want to train him this way. He is almost 2 years old now… how can i start training him when he already practices the things i taught him before. is there a way to unlearn something? please help! :)

  11. Does anyone know good training treats that you can feed lots of to an adult dog? I’m new to training dogs.

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